What's important

Now that we are rid of Trump doing whatever it is that he did that got everyone so mad… now we can concentrate on what’s important.

And there are a billion more videos just like this so you know this is serious.

Want some irony? Some researchers are calling dementia “type 3 diabetes” because of similarities with diabetes. Know what causes diabetes? Sugar plays a big role. Know what has lots of sugar? Ice cream. So the world’s most famous dementia patient “really, really likes [sugar]”. If it were anybody else it would be sad, but I call it ironic.

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And the media is just loving this. If Trump would have eaten ice cream more than once, it would have been a firestorm of information about how ice cream kills people- From day 1 it was a nonstop smear campaign to make him seem like the epidemy of evil. Biden on the other hand, is in the middle of a media orgy to paint him as the loveable old ice cream eating old man who can’t hold a coherent thought but hey it’s cute.

He’s the president of the USA. … and people are reporting on him eating ice cream. If anyone can’t see the INSANE amount of bias in the media, I mean the ridiculous amount of bias, either you’re in denial or you’re stupid. Or you’re 100% crazy. Probably all 3.

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When I my grandmother was losing her mind, back in the 1970s, she loved ice cream. It got so it was all she would eat, and my father forced her to cut back.

One wonders why Biden does not gain weight given his ice cream addiction. Perhaps he as a tapeworm. Putin is probably sitting there quietly laughing. He’s seeing evidence that America is fat, dumb and happy while he carves up the store.

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