What's Next Mitt?


Whispers about what the one time presidential nominee and of course very very successful businessman will do next are already having people wonder.

Here are some interesting suggestions:
[]He will return to the private sector–in finance
]Create more cool companies
[]Play a secretive mentor role in the republican party (another koch scenario?)
]Play larger role in the Olympics
[/LIST]One thing we know for sure is that Mitt Romney is not going to sit still, play golf all day and retire! Aides close to him say that’s not his personality. He will do some soul searching and spend time with his family until he decides his future.

It’s interesting to be in his situation.

After defeat, what next for Mitt Romney? » Evansville Courier & Press


I really don’t much care what Mitt will do, but I suspect he won’t be sitting around on his hands whining.


I truly expect him to bury himself, in his Church work. I saw his eyes light up, when he talked about his service. I think helping people is what gives him joy.