What's your favourite kind of pizza ?

Mmmmmmm. Mud Crap Pizza. Find more HERE


That reminds me of a picture in a book I’ve read about motorcycle touring. Somewhere in the Far East, they snapped a photo of a merchant’s place that they captioned something like: “Some of the merchants can be disarmingly honest!” In the photo, the sign above the shop read:

“Aruga the Robber”.

I like a medium crust with pesto sauce, garlic, basil, oregno, olives and mushroom or sausage.

Just cheese please.

I used to eat pizza.:angry26:

I’m not too particular as long as there’s no fish, fruit, or anything really hot and spicey. I suppose if I were to draw up my dream pizza, it would be:

Pan crust, extra cheese, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, and maybe green peppers, and I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it if ham and bacon (regular or Canadian; I’m not fussy) were substituted for the original meats.

Chicken parm.
Portobello Mushroom
BBQ Chicken
Mediteranian (from Pappa Murphy’s)

Buffalo chicken with the blue cheese sauce.

Everything please.

That looks good except for the black olives.

My daughter (when she was five) would only eat black olives and peanutbutter, but not together.:wink:

My one sister’s kids all loved black olives. When I was working at NCR in Dayton, OH, once or twice I bought one of those big commercial cans of black olives at the Warehouse Club when I knew I was going to see her soon. With 4 kids, all at home then, I believe, they didn’t last long.

Hmmm…I could never really get into black olives, although I will say that I think they’re superior to the green.

Yeah, another minimalist. Less is more.

Another bump. MMmm, pizza!

Just when I’m trying to lose weight. :crybaby:

if it weren’t for the crust pizza could be a good weight loss food.

Pizza is my main source of food… :cowboy:

[quote=“smichellen, post:16, topic:7146”]
if it weren’t for the crust pizza could be a good weight loss food.
[/quote]Really? I would have thought that the fat and calories in the meat and cheese would be the real diet busters.

There’a a local pizza place with a game room for the kids. The woman that runs the place makes crust-less pizzas for me.

No fish. No olives. No mushrooms.