What's your favourite kind of pizza ?

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No fish. No olives. No mushrooms.
[/quote]You were doing fine until the mushrooms…

Thin and crispy crust

Pepperoni or sausage…extra cheese, black olives, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers

Ham and pineapple also go good together.

I’ve never really had a normal pizza with pesto sauce on it although they have a chicken and pesto pizza at Schlotzky’s that is really good. Don’t know if y’all have those in your area, but it’s basically a sandwich shop. They make little personal pizzas using sourdough bread for the crust. They also use a very light layer of sauce.

supreme, minus olives

or pepporoni and pineapple

I think I’m allergic to them.

That sounds good. I might have to try that next time.

It’s actually my favorite. They set each other off somehow. :yes:

Now I’m getting hungry…

Hawaiian for me.

BTW, I tried tuna on a pizza the other day…I don’t recommend that.


No matter the shape. No matter the toppings. Just so I have it once a week. New York pizza has the best taste, IMHO.

Tons of cheese, tons of beef, gallons of sauce. That is all.

If any of y’all are ever in the Seattle/Tacoma area I HIGHLY RECOMMEND heading to Eatonville,WA and going to a place called Jebino’s they have the BEST pizza HANDS DOWN! They also have other great tasting Italian food.
National chains my fav would be Papa John’s The Works Pizza, and I always hold the Mushrooms and Olives and have them add Pineapple and Bacon.

Extra cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, bacon, and ham.

Missed Welcoming you to R0. Welcome!
hmmm…Eatonville?!:zombie: That’s a bit out there to me! Even though my backyard is near the line to Graham! If we ever visit my b-friend’s nieces in Eatonville I will look for the recomended pizza place. I am not even sure where Eatonville is! Over the river and through the woods, I know.

:crybaby: I meant that a little tongue in cheek. Making fun of myself for moving so far out here.

If you do come out to Eatonville Jebino’s is real close to Eatonville High School, just google it or look it up on the Yahoo Local thing for directions.

I assume Eatonville has one small “mainSt.” everything is on. LOL

They must do well. A pizza place by a High School.

You are right. Places near high schools always do well. I remember walking into Severna Park [MD] after school to a place called Doc’s where we hung out at the soda counter [yes, I am that old]. Also, one of the early McDonald’s was nearby.

:biggrin: she said “soda counter”. Some people today don’t even know what that is. :biggrin: