What's your stance on abortion.


Ok, Here’s my revised stance on abortion :

  1. I oppose the legalization of abortion in almost all circumstances.
  2. I only would support it, IF the mother’s life is in danger.
  3. I oppose Stem Cell Research
  4. I support Overturning Roe v. Wade.
  5. I prefer for Abortion to be banned by the Constitution, But that isnt’ gonna happen, so I want it to at least become a state issue (until the Pro-Lifers are 2/3rds of Congress).
  6. I STRONGLY Support abortion restrictions passed in Congress, such as Not allowing teenage girls to get abortions without their parents consent.
  7. Support the ban on Partial-Birth Abortion.
  8. Make it illegal to have an abortion outside of your current state of residence.
  9. I want to make it Illegal for teenagers to have abortions.
  10. Don’t support abortion in cases of incest, or rape.
  11. I am a strong Supporter of the National Right to Life, and the North Carolina Right to Life.
  12. I will NEVER support a Pro-Choice Presidential candidate, of any party.
  13. Put even more restrictions of that dreaded organization known as Planned Parenthood.
  14. Create a tax on Abortionists pay.
  15. Revive family values, and moralistic values back to society by banning abortion. For good.
  16. Force all abortion clinics to show an ultrasonic during the abortion procedure. In hopes that it will change the woman’s mind.
  17. Force Planned Parenthood to have Anti-Abortion pamphlets in the clinics.

Of course, some of these points would be mute, if Roe v. Wade is overturned.


I agree,mostly.



ok, now what?


Abortion is murder, willing having an abortion or assisting in an abortion should give you the death penalty, just like stabbing a baby in the face with a needle would.