whats your thoughts about computers taking over the exchange?


About 85% of all trading is done by super computers now running off of conflicting algorithms. It is expected that the system will be all but fully automated within the next 10 years. Do you feel that such a system is stable enough to prevent a possible melt down of the markets? After all there can be hundreds of thousands of trades inside a blink of a eye now that super computers are running the show.



All you forgot was the concern that they will become “self aware” and take us over.

No, I am not concerned about computers processing trades.


All this scary stuff about computers is nonsense. Sure they can mess things up when used by unscrupulous people - or programmed by the same, although the unscrupulous programmer is more likely to be caught than the unscrupulous user. Of course, there have been unscrupulous people around forever; the computer is just a tool they may use.