Whch one of you

modernators can help me change my password?
I forget whos supposed to be in charge now. :freaked:

Although I am not anybody who has mod/admin powers… You could just PM TO and ask for a change.

that would be too easy.
and Ive already done that.

weren’t you at one time a Mod?

Yes, at one time. Maybe a couple of years ago.

If you are going to be posting more here, why don’t you ask for your powers back?

The main mods who are on are RWNJ and EV, Jay is?? and a few mods gave up their power and left.

nah, I have no desire and not the time to do it right. Id just rather sit back and complain.

Welcome back buddy, let me know if you didnt get the reminder email I sent.

I got it.

I have a tip; change your password to “PASSWORD” and you will never forget. :eek:



Or he could change it to “elephant”…

I missed you guys.

Ducks in alarm, not realizing that Edog was shooting

Hey man, welcome back.

Perhaps he should change it to Betty.

We miss you too Edoggy.

I never knew edog left. Welcome back I guess?