Wheel of time is out

Watching episode 1 right now

Well. They did what I hoped they wouldn’t do. They went and trashed the books more than they needed to. They did keep the basic blueprint of the books. They added in sex where it wasn’t needed. They made some characters one dimensional. … no they made all the characters one dimensional. The racial diversity is welcome I guess. But there is so much of it that it doesn’t make sense. Thankfully they haven’t made any of the main characters gay yet. Yet.

When you take an area like 10 square miles (the Two Rivers) where the main characters were raised, and have people living there for hundreds of years, I don’t understand how there is so much racial diversity. My opinion, is that everyone living there would be brown and that’s about it. In the big cities it totally makes sense, but the two rivers is a tiny little hick town. Why are there like ten different ethnic groups living in such a small place and why have they only bred with each other? I mean you have like 20 families, and every single one is a different ethnicity than the rest, can you see how this doesn’t make sense? How did they avoid breeding with each other for hundreds of years? … no incest jokes please

The peddler who rides his wagon through the town once a year and sells goods is played by a black man and I think this makes sense, seeing as he did not grow up here.

My other gripe is that in the book, the two rivers kids are all virgins and this actually plays a part in the grand scheme of things, their behavior, their outlook. Two of the main characters in the show are f%^$# buddies for some reason, and this doesn’t add to the story. One of the dudes is actually MARRIED and not only that his wife is PREGNANT. Talk about throwing innocence out the window.

The virginity and racial homogeny actually are important in the book; because all of the sudden these kids are exposed to people and places and situations they’ve never encountered before. I’m all for whatever, but it has to make sense in the context of the story and not just be blatant

So far they haven’t injected any gay stuff into the show yet. This is bound to happen eventually; I just hope they find a way to do it tastefully if that’s possible. If something doesn’t add to the story or the experience I just don’t see the need for it. They did this in Game of Thrones unfortunately and for the people who read the books, it was just not good.