Wheel of Time

Does anyone else here read this series by the late Robert Jordan?

If you have not, its a great sci-fi fantasy epic that makes Tolkien look like a childrens book. Ok, well not quite, but it is much more vast in scale and parallel story lines.

I keep hearing about it, but I’ve never read any of the series.

:slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :banana: :banana: :banana: :yes: Great series!!! I love it (not through with the series yet but so far… I’m amazed). My father has read all of the books and my brother is on book nine.

There is actually music that goes with it, I just bought it on iTunes. Some of the songs are okay and some are awesome, you should look it up if you are a fan of the books.

I started reading the Series when the first book was published in the 80’s. At first Jordan would but a book out a year, then he just dropped off the face of the earth and would do a book every couple of years. its been 3 years since the last book and he dies. I’m happy he penned his notes and where he wanted the characters to go. Brandon Sanderson is working on the final 2 books as we speak, He said there was way to much to put into one book (Memory of Light).

I’m betting Mat’s wife Toun ends up being the Empress.

When a new book comes out I know I’ll have to re read the entire series again to refresh myself.

Most likely my 3rd favorite series of books.

Sanderson has written Alcatrz, Mistborn trilogy, Elantris, and Warbreaker.

Actually, Sanderson is pretty confident he can get it to around 400,000 words for one book. Tom Doherty said that it may be up to 600,000 which would necessitate 2 books.

Not only did Jordan pen notes, he wrote 50,000 words for the book. The prologue and of course the ending, which Jordan said he has had written since the beginning.

I doubt Toun will end up being the Empress before the series has ended, she should solidify her claim as Daughter of the Nine Moons though.

It is definitely my favorite series.

Try - The man who folded himself - too.

I dunno, I’ll have to reread the last book, but I think I remember it being said the Empress was killed in an assassination.

I know Toun’s sister was posing as the Daughter of Nine Moons to Rand, but I have the feeling Mat will set that straight.

Perrin has Fail back so things are falling into place.

I don’t think Toun will be raised to that point before the end of the series. I believe should would have to go back to Seandar. Semirhage killed the remaining Royal Family in Seandar and so Toun should be Empress in the future.

Like I said its been awhile, so I have to go back and read again.

Didn’t the prophecy say Rand would bow to the Empress (or swear loyalty) or was it Mat? I know Mat had to give up the world to save the world and marry the Daughter of Nine Moons. Anyway how could either bow to the Empress if she is dead, unless Tuon becomes Empress?

I’m not arguing your point, I am just trying to remember the storyline.

I have a trip to France coming up. Looks like I’ll be reading.

Hmmm… I forgot about the Dragon Reborn prophecy to bow before the Empress.

OK new question. Who is your favorite character and why?

Mat - no matter how he tried to get away from his destiny he is forced towards anyway. I find his story line the most comical as well and he is a complete badass in the series. 1 v 1 with no power (cause even with his necklace there are things they can do to him) I would put my money on him against anyone in the books.

Yeah I’d agree. Mat was running from his destiny, and each time got sucked right back into it. He even married TOUN without knowing it. 1 on 1 he’s a serious badass. In the second book when he was sick and in the White Tower he had that sparing session with Elaine’s (sp?) brothers and pretty much whooped them both. He was 2 steps from dead from being possesed. Plus he has all the momories of the great Generals in his head.

Perrin I also like. He is another that just wanted nothing to do with his destiny. Clearly the physically strongest of the main characters, he’s just a little weak when it comes to Fail. Now that he has her back from captivity I hope he doesn’t go all over protective. She’s not the type to find that appealing. Then there is the Berlain (sp?) angle.

I have to say when the chapters are focusing on Egewene I usually just read it once and don’t pay a ton of attention to it. I just dont find her character interesting.

Hard for me to pick a favorite, but yes, Mat is a complete badass…I’m never bored with his bit of the storyline…Perrin keeps my interest pretty well, too.
I am really into the madness aspect of Rand and how he deals with it.

Does this series close? Or did Jordan die before completing the story?

He died before completion, but he appointed a successor, and left behind an extensive amount of notes.

I have read alot of the WoT, and also some of Brandon Sanderson, who was picked by his late wife to finish the series (WoT).

He was a pretty good author, the thing I like about him best was the fact that he made fantasy mainstream again.

I started reading this series around 94/95. It’s definitely one of my favorites (along with Tolkien and Brooks’ Shannara series).

I just finished The Gathering Storm.

Sanderson does a masterful job picking up where Jordan left off. You can see the suttle changes in writting style but over all its very much in line with Jordan.

I will not go into the story as I do not want to spoil anything. I just want to say its well worth the read. I can’t wait for the Final 2. Rumor is there will be a short book after the series to complete everyones lives.

Well done Sanderson.

It looks like a release date for the final book has finally been announced.

A Memory of Light

Other news.

Universal Pictures have bought the Rights to make 3 movies from the First Book “Eye of The World”.