When is a lobbyist not a lobbyist?


[LEFT]What makes a lobbyist a lobbyist? According to many of Barack Obama’s rules, the threshold is registration. If you lobby as part of your job but don’t register, you can still serve on government panels, you are not covered by some of Obama’s ethics rules, and you can still donate to Obama’s campaign.
But plenty of people are in fact lobbyists without being registered. Take Andrew McLaughlin, the No. 2 tech policy guy at the White House, who was Google’s VP for “global public policy and government affairs,” until Obama hired him. He doesn’t fit the Obama definition of lobbyist despite the fact his job was to influence government policy. The same goes for Isi Siddiqui, the agri-chem lobbyist who stopped registering as a lobbyist in 2004, even while his title at a lobbying organization was “vice president for science and regulatory affairs.” Andy Stern, head of the SEIU, is also not registered as a lobbyist.

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=/ Are these Obama’s rules - did he make them?


These are the same laws in place during the Bush years. Democrats screamed about the same thing when Bush did it.

Was it OK then?

Edited to add:
This was one of Obama’s broken campaign promises. How said he would stop the “revolving door” and he didn’t. Also one of the many reasons his numbers are low among moderates.