When it acts like a duck, maybe it really is a traitor!


The very foundations of our Constitutionally limited system of government is under attack, not only by a fanatical ideological group, but under attack by our current Administration which has been, and intends to continue, to have a massive importation of “refugees” and “immigrants” from countries which have bred and spawned this fanatical ideological group.

Those in our “media”, especially self-anointed “conservatives” like Sean Hannity who I like but tell us Obama is in over his head, hasn’t got a clue, is naïve, gullible, or doesn’t understand reality, have fallen for the brilliance and cunning nature of Obama whose mission from the very beginning has always been to weaken and destroy American, and fundamentally transform America into iron fisted dictatorship just like the countries which Obama greets millions upon millions of poverty stricken and destitute immigrants from.

When a president acts like a traitor, adopts policies which threatens America’s safety and general welfare, and is admonished by our Supreme Court no less than TWENTY TIMES, is it a stretch to conclude Obama is not abiding by his oath of office and is intentionally acting in rebellion to our Constitution, and as such ought to be impeached?


The surest way for Obama to accomplish his fundamental transformation of America is to flood America with the poverty stricken and destitute populations of other countries.