When Michelle Obama Starts Starving the Kids


Unprecedented school-lunch regulations have just gone into effect, and they suggest a new answer to the question “Where’s the beef?”: not on students’ plates— or on their bones. The regulations are a result of Michelle Obama’s “Healthy and Hunger Free Kids Act,” which was passed by the lame-duck, Democrat-controlled Congress in December 2010. And the result has been wasted food, endangered health, and hungrier kids.

The problem is that, in typical nanny-state style, the regulations not only prescribe foods many children find unpalatable, they also apply unrealistic calorie restrictions on students: “650 calories for elementary-schoolers, 700 for middle-schoolers and 850 for high-schoolers,” writes Suzanne Tobias of the Wichita Eagle.

When Michelle Obama Starts Starving the Kids

Food provides energy and if children do not get it their lives will be forever shaped in their health. While I am all for children getting more exercise. Depriving them of food is not the way to go.

Children require higher energy food than adults later in life.


I use hyperbole for humor or to make a point, but this seems to go a bit too far. Starving kids? Really??? [hyperbole][sarcasm] There’s these creatures called parents … who used to be responsible for feeding, clothing and sheltering children … obsolete now, I suppose … [/sarcasm][/hyperbole]