When popes have had enough of reporters


Well, popes are people too, you know! Here is Pope Benedict before he was pope. A reporter pushed on after Ratzinger told him he didn’t have time to answer his question and this is what the reporter received.

​Sorry. The url didn’t work and for some reason I couldn’t delete this post. Anyway, Ratzinger gave the reporter a good rap on his hand. Sort of like the old nuns used to do with rulers.


Francis is a socialist. Rush had a good analysis of him in his first hour today. NO COUNTRY ON THE PLANET is more caring, generous and compassionate than the U.S. has been historically. By MANY multiples, we give more aid, food and help to the world’s poor than any other country. Francis hates capitalism and touts socialism, but oddly is all in favor of Latin Americans fleeing socialist countries for the capitalist U.S. Why? Because he wants to flood the U.S. with people with a socialist mind-set and thus “convert” the U.S. to socialism…not to mention Catholicism. Mexico, for example, last year accepted around 1,500 immigrants. The U.S., on the other hand, accepted 1.5 MILLION immigrants in 2015 alone…and that’s not COUNTING the illegals.


You know what… I’ll say it: this Pope is a fool. A hypocritical fool.

Yeah, I’m a Catholic. A dirty one. A bad one. Oh well…


I’m not a Pope Francis admirer. He was born and raised in Argentina. Argentina notoriously breeds what Catholics refer to as “liberation theology” which is basically the same thing as marxism. The entire continent has been infected with it, but Argentina seems to have been the most pickled. And, because most of S.A. is predominately Catholic, the Catholic Church in S.A., particularly in Argentina, is also infected. In 1984 and 1986, the CDF (“Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”) openly condemned it. “*The Vatican rejected certain forms of Latin American liberation theology for focusing on institutionalized or systemic sin; and for identifying Catholic Church hierarchy in South America as members of the same privileged class that had long been oppressing indigenous populations from the arrival of Pizarro onward.” * (Wojda, Paul J., “Liberation theology,” in R.P. McBrien, ed., The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1995).

So, there is no question that Francis is, at the very least, a socialist, but when one looks more closely, he is clearly a marxist due to his liberation theology leaning. Notice that he seems to be obsessed with the plight of the poor. Of course all Christians should do what they can to aid the poor. I doubt very much that there are many true Christians who purposely ignore the poor out of greed. However, just as Jesus’ rebuke to Judas’ complaint that anointing Jesus’ Feet with expensive perfume, (obviously terribly paraphrased) “The poor you shall always have…” Francis also made it a point at the very beginning of his pontificate that abortion and other life issues will not be one of his priorities. As a practicing, committed Catholic, this pontificate has been the worst in my lifetime. It has been terribly embarrassing, confusing, and heart-breaking after such wonderful popes such as Pope John Paul II, and Benedict. It is telling when my two younger sisters like him. They have never liked any pope.

Another clue is his first encyclical. All other popes from St. Peter on have issued encyclicals that pertain to some point of the faith. They certainly have never spoken or preached about such things with the exception of perhaps exhorting the faithful to be thankful for what God has provided on this Earth. But Francis wrote his first encyclical on GLOBAL WARMING. What possible spiritual benefit can be garnered from global warming?

It is sad that most Catholics today cannot see through his charm and charismatic personality. In addition, most Catholics today are so poorly catechized that they have no idea what is right or wrong with what he says. I respect him for the Office that he holds and for his priesthood. I pray for him every night and I hope and pray that someday he will see the Light. That’s all one can do nowadays.