When Salon Went Hunting for Christian Terrorists…


When Salon Went Hunting for Christian Terrorists…
By Robert Spencer April 13, 2015

Ever heard of the Army of God? Or Concerned Christians? As far as Salon and other leftist media outlets are concerned, they’re just as lethal as the Islamic State and al-Qaeda – and the only reason why you haven’t heard of them but have heard of the Islamic terror groups is because of the mainstream media’s deeply ingrained "Islamophobia."
If this sounds absurd, it’s only because it is. The mainstream media, especially organs like Salon that are even more leftist than the others, are always avid to exonerate Islam and establish the claim that Christianity is just as likely to incite its adherents to violence as Islam is. To try to do this, they have to resort to increasingly desperate stratagems, in an effort to convince you that these nefarious Christian terrorists are all over the place, and you would know that, except for the evil right-wing media’s constant Islamophobic ranting. So it is with Alex Henderson’s “6 modern-day Christian terrorist groups our media conveniently ignores,” which Salon reprinted from Alertnet on last Tuesday.

Salon, nonetheless, is determined to obscure that fact and prop up some “Christian terrorist groups” that Americans ought to be as wary of as they are of the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. Yet none of these groups enjoy anything like the broad support among Christians that the Islamic State or al-Qaeda have among Muslims — have 25,000 Christians traveled from all over the world to join the Army of God? Nor does any sect of Christianity teach that Christians have a duty to wage war against and subjugate unbelievers.

I never heard of (Eastern Lightning, a.k.a. the Church of the Almighty God) before, and it sounds very strange: with its Jesus-is-coming-back-as-a-Chinese-woman thing, it is hardly anything close to mainstream Christianity, Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant. Also, Jesus never says anything in the Gospels about beating women to death if they refuse to hand over their phone numbers.

In reality, the Lord’s Resistance Army is funded by Sudanese jihadis, and reflects a Christian theology that is held by no Christian sect anywhere — in stark contrast to the undeniable fact that all the mainstream sects of Islam and schools of Islamic jurisprudence teach warfare against and subjugation of unbelievers.

As the date of this article suggests, I’ve been holding onto it for some time. I failed to post it when the Salon article was current, but I knew that, at a general level, it would be useful sooner or later.

It seems that with every Jihadist attack - currently, Paris - comes the moral equivalency-ists who try to claim that everybody (= Christians) does it. This Salon writer, inadvertently, reveals how infinitesimally little this moral equivalency argument means. The slaughterers of the Twin Towers, of Mumbai, of Charlie Hebdo, of Paris (to name a few) are in the Islamic mainstream, and large numbers of Muslims, openly, publicly, and literally, cheer their actions. Most of the “Christian” groups this author cites are tiny, isolated, in remote corners of the world, and have core teachings and practices that contradict core Christian teachings and practices (e.g. the LRA, whose leader practices what would be called spiritism).

Not only should Salon’s readers and others who hear/read similar ludicrous moral equivalency arguments take note of the ginormous unequivalency, they should consider what this desperation to prove what does not exist says about the persons making the argument.

And a note to those who would/will dismiss this article because its author has been smeared as Islamophobic, what is true is true regardless of who speaks it. What Spencer wrote is true.


It seems that with every Jihadist attack - currently, Paris - comes the moral equivalency-ists who try to claim that everybody (= Christians) does it.

While I don’t endorse such moral equivalency arguments, it needs to be said that sowing Islamophobia is exactly what the terrorists seek. They want to cast this as a larger war between the West and Islam, and recruit those who see their religion as a whole threatened by “crusaders”.

That’s why so many of us keep trying to caution that most Muslims are peaceful and oppose the religious extremists. The very best defenses against radicalism are our values of inclusion, integration and religious liberty. Xenophobes with their calls to close mosques and keep Muslims out of the country miss the forest for the trees, and align themselves with the goals of the terrorists.


What about the boos and chanting of Allahu Akbar we heard in Turkey over the moment of silence for the French dead? I don’t believe at all that “most Muslims” oppose the religious extremists. There is an educated elite that does and a portion of the population which depends on tourism but I’d bet the rank and file are mostly sympathetic to the terrorists.


After all, it is the terrorists who are following the Koran to the letter.


So you agree with the terrorists that this is a war between the West and Islam? You do appreciate, don’t you, that encouraging the West’s prejudice and xenophobia is explicitly part of the Islamofascists’ strategy?


It’s just an excuse to turn away from Muslim bad acting but you are one of those who is almost obsessed with issues of bigotry. It is the prejudice of the Muslims causing the trouble not the prejudice of the rest of the world. They need rebuking by the rest of the world and if that hurts your sensitivity you’ll just need to buck up.


I’m with you on rebuking the Islamofascists - hell, I want 'em killed, not rebuked. It’s the collateral damage caused by rampant xenophobia to our values and the war on terror that concern me.

BTW, your accusation that I’m “obsessed with issues of bigotry” I take as a badge of honor. I am a member of the party of Lincoln. I reject bigotry in all its forms.


And what about the boos and chants of Allahu Akbar of the soccer fans in Turkey on just being asked to have a moment of silence for the French dead? That means nothing to you?


Wars have collateral damage Jazz. There has never been a war in which civilians were spared. It is a result of War. These nuts try to wage war on us. We bring it to their doorstep. It is not our fault that the Middle East is in turmoil. It is the general population that allows them to run rampant. I too believe that a majority of Muslims bear no ill to the West and just want to be left to their lives. But so long as they let the fools intimidate them and run rampant bringing War to their homes then there is nothing we can do.

You cannot fix what is not broken and to them nothing is broke.


Here in Philly sports fans boo Santa Claus. No, it means nothing to me, certainly not in terms of agreeing with your implicit suggestion that I should now start hating the Turks.

I’d rather fight a few thousand Islamofascists than a billon Muslims.


You don’t have to fight them. Just admit what they are. Stop making excuses for them. They do support terrorism and their governments and religious leaders teach them to hate us. Thus we have good reason to fear them. Simple as that.


Attacks such as those I cited were widely cheered, literally, in many Muslim countries. Whether those cheering were actually a majority or “merely” a large minority isn’t a very meaningful quibble. 20%-40% of the population of those countries (i.e. a large minority) amounts to 10s of millions who are at least sympathetic to the actively violent Muslims.


When you can GUARANTEE everyone that the Muslims who come here are “peaceful immigrants” and NOT people following the dictates of their “holy book,” intending to “convert” everyone at the point of a sword, I’ll remove my objections to Muslim immigrants. Until then, you’ll excuse us if we take Muslims at their WORD…that they intend to kill or enslave all those who don’t believe as they do.


I EMBRACE “bigotry” towards those who have plainly stated that they want to kill or subjugate Americans and other Christians. I EMBRACE “bigotry” towards those who believe that innocent babies are the equivalent of a cancer and need to be torn from their mothers’ bodies in pieces. I EMBRACE bigotry towards those who clearly and unambiguously want to convert our children to THEIR version of sexual perversion.


noun: bigotry; plural noun: bigotries

intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

I am absolutely and proudly “Intolerant” of anyone who holds the opinion that anyone else must embrace Islam or be executed, since that is what Islam believes I am most certainly a “Bigot” regarding Islam.

I really don’t care whether an adherent to Islam personally does the executing or just peacefully approves of those who do, the only defensible attitude toward Islam is Bigotry.


Bigotry is the product of ignorance. One whose wish is to declare war on a billion is too damned stupid to live.


Nonsense. Bigotry is a product of KNOWLEDGE and understanding of those towards whom one is “intolerant.” Nobody is “declaring war on a billion people”–but a VERY large percentage of that billion has already “declared war” against US and we’d be worse than stupid not to understand that and defend ourselves. Just like your attitude towards guns, YOU may wish to lie back and “take it in the neck” but few of US do. The ONLY “safe” thing to do is to keep out of this country ALL of those from whom the jihadis get their recruits and not let them in the country in the first place. Trump is right about that. Build them “safe” refugee camps in their own countries where they can stay until the morons either get things under control or are put down like rabid dogs. Our own left tells us how GREAT it is to live under ISIS…“free schools,” “free medical care” etc. after all.


You mean like how you are bigoted against christians and so-cons?


then open your doors and take them into YOUR unarmed home. Wait, you have a baseball bat, so you should be fine.


I have a baseball glove, too. Maybe I’ll have a catch with their kids, teach ‘em a bit about the real America, compassionate, tolerant, fair-minded and unafraid. I don’t need a friggin’ arsenal to prove I’m an American.