When the crash comes

Since the owner is not coming back, doesn’t respond to e-mails, this forum isn’t being taken care of anymore, it will eventually fail as it falls behind the update schedule.

Members here should consider an alternative existing forum to escape to, or we can band together to create a NEW American Republican Operative forum?

I have a RO section at my own forum, but that wasn’t a popular idea, only one joined to use it thus a new one might be a better idea after all.

I am serious here, since this forum software sucks and no one maintaining, it is inevitable, the crash WILL happen.

Bad owners gravely hurt the forum, member apathy kills what is left.

How much longer do you think it will be before this thing goes south for good?

waddya’ mean “or we can band together to create a NEW American Republican Operative forum”

Would that “newly created” forum essentially be this one duplicated? IOW, would the members and posts/threads automagically migrate to the new one?

If so, I’m all for it.

What do the members here need to do to make this happen?

It could crash tomorrow or by January 2021, but when it does, it is completely gone!

I can’t import the database because I am not the owner, the server host doesn’t seem to understand this forum is abandoned, therefore it is doomed, when no one is allowed to take over.

It has been a frustrating effort in the last 2 1/2 months, trying to rescue this place! I have a friend who has been helping me work on this rescue, but have given up, there are no avenues left to pursue.

This means we would have to start over completely, I already have a server account, can create a NEW forum using a far better forum software.

Proposed name: American Republican Operative

If you and others can spread the word about this proposed new forum, it can be discussed https://agwskeptics.info/HERE, but you have to register to use it, it is my own resource forum.

There is a forum section already set up for RO in it, that is where you and other can go to discuss the new forum or as a meeting place for other reasons, it is meant to be a place to go if this place crash.

What do you think?

I think we should all PM Sunsettommy with our email addresses, so that if the forum crashes, he can contact us with details of the alternative.

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I’ll miss RO :neutral_face:

What about the proposed NEW RO forum?

You interested in it?

Stand by . . . am drafting a response.

(a few questions and a few comments)

Sent you a PM with my email addy.

I’m in BTW.

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Hello members,

I have sent about 12 PM’s today asking members to come and discuss the new forum proposal.

If enough interest is expressed in FAVOR for a new American Republican Operative forum, I plan to use a different free forum software, much better than this mess we suffer under here.

This is the software I am most familiar with, here is the DEMO Link, where you can practice making a post, try it, it is free and safe.

Log in detail:

  • Username: opensourcecms
  • Password: opensourcecms

Have no idea why the moron uses the dark forum theme, this is the default appearance of the software:


I’m interested. PM me.

Glad to hear of it, please spread the word.

Sent you one 30 min ago.

Where do I go to find it???

You found it.

The myBB demo doesn’t work,.

Sorry about that.

If you want to learn how to make a post, you will have to join my forum to enter the RO area, to do this.

Republican Operative Forum section you can view.

LINK to register.

OKay. I"m in with the idea.

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In the proposed new American Republican Forum, I can copy many of the headers that make up the current forum.

Site Feedback
Ro Operations
Ro Geek
Ro Relax

Then put in child forums under those headers.

They are the ones I think can be used in the new forum, to keep some of the old resemblance of the old forum set up in view.

It works great here https://politicalbullpen.com/

I replied to your PM

It appears this forum is going to be left behind after a while, because there is sufficient interest in a NEW American Republican Operative forum, that I am going to set it up soon, going to talk to my Server Host today.

Spread the word!

The new forum has been created!

American Republican Operative

It is now getting set up.

Come register