When the dust settles


and the History books are written what will they say?

America turned a corner beginning in the 60’s and pulled out of Communist-Socialist Street in 2017 and haunting question will be WHY, not how. Its clear the GOP in order to appease the anti war crowd moved from a draft to the lottery and then to please join the Army. Then they removed all the signs and exits on freeways to places like Ft Hood Texas, ROTC buildings were moved to remote areas of campus and into basements of buildings and no signage allowed.

After Vietnam the winds of the far left went out of there sails, they had lost their way when we pulled out of Vietnam.

Then in '08 we elected our first black POTUS. He was elected solely on the color of his skin, no one had any idea what his idea of America was. His life had been a career of nothingness. Neither success or failure and not a bright spot to be found. Some say he was never “vetted”, but the reality, nothing to vet, just some black guy with a nondescript life’s story. MLK predicted this and gave us sage advice on this subject: *“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” *But again we failed and judged on the color of skin, never bothering to look into his character.

Again the GOP failed to challenge this lackluster and sans credentials of any kind newcomer and he won with ease, then won again even easier in spite of his character flaws open to the world. He laughed at Congress and the GOP, he ignored them, he made law from his desk and dared even the SCOTUS to even challenge him. He slept soundly at night knowing there would never come a knock on the door of the White House and a man saying “Mr President, you are under arrest”.

Still the GOP only bent then broke under the weight of Political Correctness and compromise. The GOP went running and chasing the left, believing they would join the GOP and right their ship, but by then it was to late as the sweet song of socialism had been sung and the signs were everywhere saying “Fee Lunch”.

But thru it all the GOP stood by and watched like it was a parade and they were only a spectator. Never did the GOP say NO, no more, you are acting illegally, you are aiding and abetting out enemies, you are acting unConstitutional.

Then of course there is Hillery. The question will asked, how and why she was allowed to even run for public office. Her time as Sec of State should have and could have put her in prison and yet again the GOP did nothing to stop her march to the Oval Office. Her rein of terror and tyranny laid waste to and nailed the final nail into the the coffin of the late great USA.

While the cake was baked in the 60’s the icing was a applied in the in early 2000’s and the GOP never put up a single road block on the communist-socialist journey to the White House, tyranny and sting of illegal immigrant voting ballot box elected dictators.


I can’t argue any of this. I can only point to Dr. Franklin’s remarks at the close of the Constitutional Convention - that, to paraphrase, the Constitution will work well for a score of years (actually, over 200) but cannot but end with tyranny. For the people will have become corrupt and requiring despotic government, being incapable of living under any other form.

And here we are.