When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail

"Investigators said Elliott shot Womack one time in the stomach with a .45-caliber handgun, put the gun in his truck, and continued with his yard work "as if nothing had ever happened."

I read that his lawyer is considering an insanity plea, which begs the question, is it possible to identify insane people before they kill people with their gun?

The crazy part is the part I bolded above.

Look realpolitik if Sandy Hook didn’t change anything nothing will. More guns than people say it in your head, say it out loud if you have to. After January 6th you should be packing heat. That week after the 3 day waiting period I was. If there was someway to reduce guns already in American hands by lets say 20% what would it matter there would still be a gun for every man and woman over the age of 10. Like ants in Texas it’s just the way it is. Honestly I’d rather work on 10000 other things we could change.

CSBrown is just stating common sense.

Even if the Democrats did manage to repeal the Second Amendment, and pass a British-style gun law (no handguns period, and long arms very limited, requiring a police permit, stored in a gun safe), how many people do you think would turn their guns in?

In areas controlled by conservatives, the law would be as enforced as the runaway slave law was in the North, and in areas controlled by liberals, it would only be enforced against white people.

So it’s a non-starter.

Can anything be done about gun violence? No, not much. The young Black males of the ‘inner city’, with their low IQ and poor impulse control, will continue to commit the majority of murders, mainly of each other, which is actually a good thing. Nothing can be done about this. (The murder rate can be increased somewhat, as we have seen in those cities where anti-police liberals have gained control. Maybe those liberals have a secret plan to kill off more young Black criminals!)

One thing that could be done is to dramatically increase the penalities for crimes where a gun is used. It’s insane that we give someone four years for armed robbery, but forty years to someone else for trying to entice a fifteen-year old girl to have sex with him. (If you’re skeptical about those figures, subscribe to the FBI’s Press Releases, here:https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/miami/news/press-releases. The first few examples I saw of this phenomenon – very long prison sentences for anything related to underage sex, and sentences just a fraction of those for crimes of violence or threatened lethal violence – I thought it was just a fluke. But it’s consistent. )

There was a war on dope (1969-2018) Then there was a war on sex perverts (1996-current) we’ve never taken violence seriously. Does anyone have idea what it’s like to survive a home invasion I don’t. I been mugged I still have nightmares. If you own a gun, use it lawfully. I pray I never have to defend my family. I wouldn’t shoot unless the risk of life to myself or family. I have less than lethal bear mace for a break in without weapons. The point is we have an ability to be safe secure and protected in our homes. If police can not do that we are required by law to protect our country our families and our communities. Black on Black crime is senseless I shrug at this point. The mass media sells these young men rap music tells them they get rich “average drug dealer makes less than 30 hours at MC D’s”. Look at great men of history and present none of them are using drugs, not of them are running around with a gun badgering people. You get ahead by cooperation and providing value. I’m a firm absolutist in the second as I am in the first and the 4th. If you take another mans life in vain for your own gain you’ve disrespected every lawful gun owner and that your right should be 40 years sir.

Here’s an idea: use a gun to commit a crime, get caught and convicted, go to prison for life without the possibility of parole.

Holding them pass the age of 50 is almost like pointless because of medical bills and chances of reoffense falling to zero. Thats why we put caps like 30 and 40 years on a sentence. I’d put an upward cap on anything but murder/torture at 25 years. Norway has a hard 25 year upward cap. Look I did 3 months I have dreams about prison rape that I wake up crying from. 3 months for giving a dude 3 concurrent concussions and breaking a collar bone and I am more damaged than him cause he went on to beat my 6 year old nephew and because of covid he didn’t have to go in. I would never put myself at risk of incarceration if I was under the beliefs I wasn’t gonna be out in 24 hours Id suicide by cop. We have huge sentencing laws for guns at the federal mandatory minimums. Even saying you have a gun brings a federal mandatory minimum. They could also use that as a way to stop lawful gun owners too. say having a gun within 100 foot of a beer is a crime and your fridge has a beer and your gun is downstairs bam. Your in England you trust the police too much. They put people away that are fit. They won’t touch a fat drug addict. There was a man to fat to be arrested. They want fit men to work dude its a continuation of slavery. Thats why the gang crime law comes with so many mandatory minimums comitting crime wearing colors or with certain tattoos that’s how you atop it.