When Trump violates Twitter ToS, should his account be taken down?

Kamala Harris, in an exchange with Elizebeth Warren, asked Warren to join her in calling for the takedown of Trump’s Twitter account.

Warren gave a sort of non-answer, but when later asked to qualify her answer if she supported Trump being banned from Twitter she said “No”.

Here’s the video of the actual moment in the debate.

FC, I know you have crappy internet…basically Harris is complaining that Trump can violate the ToS (Terms of Service) but the rest of us cant. She added that the rules for those with power is different than for those without, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I was listening to a radio show that I would describe as moderately liberal (like me). The call-in question was, should Trump’s account be banned?

There were about 25 people that go on air. Anyone care to guess how many were in support of Trump’s account being banned?

Also, as an aside, who is more radically liberal, Harris or Warren in your opinion?

Anyone care to guess, based on my history here at RO if I agree with Harris or Warren?

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WHAT RIGHT do this woman think she has that she can do this to another person and especially the President of the UNITED STATES OF WHOM I SUPPORT and I enjoy what he has to say and how he says it. If she doesn’t…she can leave twitter. fascist witch.

caps for emphasis only.

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Caroline, I didn’t have any doubt that was going to be your opinion, I was hoping you’d address the questions I asked.

If Trump didn’t have Twitter, there would no place for him to make comments without the fascists in the news media editing everything he said. I know this does not matter to you, csbrown28, but it does to me. Beside that, Trump makes comments that provide more than enough controversies to keep the one-sided news media happy. For that reason they would never want Twitter to ban him.

I watch ABC News now after getting totally disgusted with CBS after they switched to that ridiculous woman. The network news is close to looking at a nonstop commercial for the Democrat Party. There is zero objectivity on the evening news these days. It’s like what my dad used to say about professional wrestling. “It’s not even a good fake.”

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“Which is more radical, Warren or Harris?”

There is probably no difference, but if I had to choose, Warren. She on record for raising all income taxes, corporate and personal, to confiscatory levels. In addition she also wants to tax our saved assets on the Federal level. That would destroy my retirement savings and leave me begging her for money.

Someone called her “the modern Woodrow Wilson.” That pretty well pegs her … arrogant, pig headed and sanctimonious. In addition, she is a habitual liar.

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Twitter is a private company, they can ban anyone they like for any reason they like whether the Fascist Party approves or not and whether I approve or not.

As to who is more of a Leftist between Harris and Warren? I cannot imagine any scale that could discern a difference between the two; both used nefarious means to advance their lives and fortunes and both support ideas that crush the poor and create a larger dependent class.

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you want me to answer your questions? LOL

well okay then.

  1. I would say None since you seem to be throwing your chest out about it.
  2. radically liberal would be Harris. socialist is Warren…very radical past liberalism.
  3. You agree with Warren.

You think I believe that Trump should have his account banned?

NO! How could you ask that given what I said about the one-sided media?

I didn’t know that applied to me.

Under Warren’s wealth tax plan, households would pay an annual 2% tax on all assets — net worth — above $50 million, and a 3% tax on every dollar of net worth above $1 billion.

Once you get your foot in the door, you expand the tax to cover more and more people. I have studied the history of the income tax; it expanded from a modest beginning. You are not dealing with your average “low information voter” here, Mr. Brown. I know your tricks. When I worked in New York City for a brief time, the wage tax was 2%. Now it is almost 4%.

I am nowhere near the amount of her proposal, but I know the game. You don’t give government new tax sources, NEVER. I am too old and too experienced to know the result.


The media is 90+% on your side, Mr. Brown. Only the brain dead and the many of the “low information voters” are unaware of that.

I don’t know what violation Trump allegedly committed, or even what Twitter’s terms of service are. I only do FB (which is also full of leftist bias).

I’m with you, FC. I only do FB. I don’t even look at twitter unless a tweet is posted on FB, anyway. Still, FB is in fact, full of leftist nonsense and a LOT of what I “Share” with my FB friends never gets to any of them, so I’m obviously being Shadow Banned.

In other words, you made up what you said about her tax proposals.

Why do you think everyone is so evasive? I ask a few questions and everyone seems to ignore most if not all of them.

Basically, Trump violates the ToS revolves around the harassment of others.

Kamala Harris is, IMO an idiot for recommending that he be banned. First off, because, without looking, I know we could probably find 1000 Tweets from Dems that can be interpreted as the same.

Second, words often don’t convey meaning, I mean, in sales they tell you that the words people use make-up about 20% of the meaning, with tone and body language making-up the rest. So who’s going to police what people meant?

I mean, when Trump says something he wants to get out of, he just says “oh, I was just kidding”…“haha…Trolled you!”.

No, banning people is a terrible idea and moderate liberals overwhelmingly agree with me.

You obviously don’t KNOW what this idiot is proposing vis a vis her tax proposal. If she were to CONFISCATE 100% of the incomes of everyone making over $200K per annum, she couldn’t come CLOSE to financing her “medicare for all” nonsense. Add to that, confiscating 100% of ALL U.S. corporations’ profits and you STILL don’t equal what medicare for all would cost. She’s an idiot and THAT’S primarily why she refuses to answer whether or not she’d raise taxes on the middle class. She KNOWS that the middle class would also get hammered in order to pay for her pie-in-the-sky stupidity. In the meantime, what happens to those who get 100% of their incomes or profits confiscated? They LEAVE the U.S. (assuming they’ve saved enough money to afford the airfare) and NEXT year’s “medicare for all” disappears in a puff of smoke.

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Actually, Medicare for all will save money, not cost more.


How many people have jobs today to provide health coverage?

Think of all the companies and the redundant positions that exist within each company that would be eliminated if the US were to institute a national plan. All the that administration and management eliminated. The billions and billions of dollars of real estate insurance companies own that won’t be needed, thousands of C-Level executives that can be eliminated (just the top 17 CEO’s will make over $3 billion in 10 years…Eliminated).

No the biggest problem of MCFA isn’t how much it will cost, but how many people will lose their jobs as a result. It will have a deflationary effect.

Not , BTW that she realizes that. No, she thinks she needs to raise taxes so she can fund these programs, but at least it will hit the highest income earners rather than those at the lower end, which I’m fine with (even though I fall into the former category).

WHERE do you think the government GETS its money? It gets the vast majority from INCOME TAXES. Do away with all those private health insurance companies and you ALSO lose the tax income FROM those jobs. I would think that even YOU would understand that lowering tax revenue will NOT allow you to provide “free” stuff from the government.