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I didn’t make up a thing. I cited the history of the income tax, which had a start during the Civil War. The income exemption was set high enough, something like $3,000 when the average family was making less than $300, that only high income individuals paid anything. Later the Supreme Court declared the tax unconstitutional.

During the “progressive era” there was a constitutional amendment that made the income tax legal. Congress once more passed a bill for the income tax. The tax kicked in only for high income individuals and at a low rate, but over time more and more people got sucked into it. The rates went up too. They got as high as 91% on the top brackets. Some of this “soak the rich” nonsense helped to extend the duration of The Great Depression.

Bottom line. The “progressives” pass a tax to get their foot in the door, and then they raise them. This is a historical fact.

The marginal rates were lowered as part of the tax reform act from the late 1980s. Congress has continued to play with them since then, with enough special interest loopholes for those who could “buy a congressman.”

My point was and is that taxes, like this wealth tax, get passed with the idea that it only applies to the wealthy. Before long, however, the tax gets down to “the little people," which was the game from the start.

Like I said, I am not one of your “low information voters” who gives my vote to you based on liberal promises and lies. I know how the system has worked.

If you want call me a liar for that, go ahead, but I have set the record straight.

This is a liberal/socialist fallacy.

All we need is ONE BIG GOVERNEMNT AGENCY that will administer ALL OF THE HEATH CARE with a wonderful one size fits all system.

Tell that to the veterans who died waiting for coverage from the VA Hospital System. While people waited for weeks and months for service, the VA bureaucrats covered their butts with lies and false records to keep their jobs.

Do YOU want to live under that system, Mr. Brown? Are YOU ready to die for your socialist cause? What’s wrong with a competitive health care insurance system that offers the consumers what they want, not what some Washington bureaucrat decides for them?

Here’s a personal experience you can think about, Mr. Brown. When my wife had to take an early retirement because her company was bought out, she got a severance from her company that paid for her health insurance until she was 65. My wife is diabetic and insurance can be a problem for her.

When Obama Care kicked in, it declared that the program HER COMPANY HAD GIVEN HER in a PRIVATE CONTRACT was a “Cadillac Plan.” She lost her health care insurance, and it cost us $6,500 a year to replace it.

Do you think that’s cool, Mr. Brown? You will probably duck my question. That’s what socialists do when their pie in sky plans get faced with reality.

Because I don’t feel like arguing about how the economy works, let’s say I grant you the claim that government spending comes from taxes…

Let’s think about what you just said.

So we need to keep overpaying for insurance so we have tax revenue? That sounds really inefficient.

Second, all the people who are now employed in the health insurance industry won’t go home and file for welfare, they will find new work somewhere else in the economy where they can pay taxes.

Who is advocating for that? Sounds like you’ve created your own conception of what government healthcare might look like so you can attack your conception of it.

First, I don’t know the circumstances around your claim, but given your record on making things up, it’s hard for me to take you seriously. That said, private insurance isn’t without the same problems. I mean, look at the millions of people who’ve died because they can’t get insurance.

I don’t believe that your characterization is an accurate one. I can tell you this, I grew up with the system we had and because we couldn’t afford it, we often went without seeing a doctor because it was too expensive or we didn’t have coverage. My brother hasn’t had coverage in 20 years because he can’t afford it.

Today I can afford it, but I’d like to see people like my brother, who works 2 jobs, can get insurance. He served his country in the Marines. I think he’s entitled to some insurance.

Yep, the ACA was far from perfect. All of the compromises made with R’s to get it passed created a system that definitely had issues.

No, I don’t think it’s “cool”, but I don’t think the ACA is the limit of what government-provided health insurance can do. Far from it.

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and most of the rest of Democrats. Are you even looking at the programs that they are proposing? “Medicare for all!” That’s the slogan, but I guess you missed it.

Did you follow the news at all when this scandal broke? I know you did, so this is just an example of how you can say “You made it up” so that you don’t have answer a difficult question. Click on the links in my next post.

My wife and I lived with it for three years, If that’s the best you can do … Pathetic.

Looking to do something for uninsured is a problem that we should address. If your brother served in the Marines, why isn’t he under the VA System?

When a lot of people are getting coverage from their employer, why break up this system? Why not address the the issue of people with no insurance and leave the part that is working alone?

BS The Democrats had a huge majority in Congress when they passed Obama Care. They wrote the whole bill. The only arguments were among the few Democrats left who had religious questions about abortion. Now they have all retired.

Yea, according to you, we need “single payer.” That was what Obama wanted the ACA to become. They were counting on it to suck so bad that everyone would demand “single payer.”

That gets back to my concerns about what the VA did a few years ago. But yea, I know, it’s didn’t happen and I made it up. Even the news media, who support your candidates 95% of the time, reported it, but you missed it.

I usually avoid doing this, but here are two links if you don’t know about the VA Hospital scandals. These are real issues that those of you on the left should keep in mind before you push “Medicare for all” down our throats.

NBC News

The Hill

@csbrown. you know…even the experts on both sides and even her own aids say this is impossible without driving the middle class into destitution.

come on man…lololol channeling sleepy joe there. THIS cannot be done. She won’t even answer the question. Nothing is free. if you don’t know that…you will.

Additionally . health insurance is not healthcare. You can have all the health insurance in the world…and if you have poor health care in this country…which is where her plan is going…your super duper health insurance won’t matter.

While we’re thinking about it, imagine if you have an odd ailment and the decision makers decide you don’t need the adequate treatment you seek. Sure, there will be an appeals process. But if some administrator is responding to pressure to cut costs, they can give you a longer run-around than you can survive.

In a free-market insurance system, you could sue. And when you got better, you could switch insurance companies and post messages everywhere about how rotten the company is. Their business would be hurt. They would either improve or go out of business.

But once the hulking government takes over, there’s nothing of significance you can do but take what you’re given.

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I’m sure Medicare for all will cut costs…by cutting services, quality and access to the point only the wealthy and well connected can recieve care. That will reduce the demand for doctors, nurses, and professional care givers, operations will be limited enough to drastically reduce the overhead of physical plant (hospitals, laboratories, x-ray mri and ct machines), all of which will contribute to reductions in administration and recordkeeping.

That will, of fourse, be offset by government inefficiency and bureaucratic bloat, but for a mere 70% reduction in healthcare delivery, it will generate a whopping 2% savings!

What “compromises” are you blathering about, CSB. In case you forgot, the ACA didn’t receive a SINGLE Republican vote when it passed either House of Congress. That being the case, why would the Dimwitted Democrats feel it necessary to “compromise” in ANYTHING.

CSB has short memory about the facts when it suits his purposes. Acknowledging that his position needs some modifications would strengthen his arguments, but he sticks be the party line.

One of the complaints about the ACA was that the Republicans had no input because they had a weak minority in Congress after the 2008 Obama sweep.

If people can’t afford medical care now, they sure can’t afford medical care PLUS the cost of the government bureaucracy that oversees it.

How about making medical insurance more like free market by allowing interstate competition? Or better still, how about we encourage people to stop relying on insurance, which is in fact gambling at house odds?

No, he’s citing the history of government healthcare, which inevitably devolves into government control of the people who have allowed themselves to become so dependent upon said government.

Look at the tens of millions of people who have been purged in socialist societies. Look at the governments which are providing healthcare and have legalized euthanasia and are quietly edging “right to die” to “duty to die” when their healthcare costs too much for the government system (which is also happening).

Which is also already happening to one degree or another.

It will also cut costs per force when the socialist policies have run the economy into a shoestring.


I can’t believe you would write that after refusing to answer my questions even after I let you expand the parameters as far as you like.

I answered every question you asked with no evasion and so did most everyone.