WHERE ARE THE MODERATORS? Where is the OWNER of this site?

WHAT is going on? I"ve not seen anyone on here except for just a few regular members. WHAT Is going ON PLEASE??? What is the future of this board. Is it going to sit like this till it dies??



9 days, no owner response to my $200 offer to buy the forum.

I think he is dead, since he isn’t responding to the Server or the Domain Agents e-mails.


11 days, no reply from your forum owner.

This means there are three days left, if the absentee owner doesn’t reply within that time frame, you are out of luck and this forum will die out.

I refuse to increase the offer, since he hasn’t bothered to reply and this place isn’t worth $20 bucks.

The man still hasn’t visited here yet this year either.

9 weeks since I sent a Moderator a PM, he replies two weeks later, says he will work on it, it has been 7 weeks since then.


I have been attacked in another forum (I quit that place a week ago) that I am a power hungry person, which means trying to save this place is a bad idea?

Post 100

“And tommy’s problem is that he wants to be in charge in some little way. I dunno why. There’s no real power in it. Have you ever read his posts about how many forums he’s ‘‘rescued’’ from admins he doesn’t like? Have you ever seen his posts complaining about moderators and admins on other forums? It’s all he talks about. A casual Internet search renders several results of him doing the exact thing thing on other forums. He’s a control freak.”


So trying to rescue a forum I have been a member of since 2007, is being a control freak?

Besides he is lying anyway, since I have never rescued a single forum on the past, never got control of a forum that is barely alive.

How could that be possible when I was never an Administrator/Moderator in any of them?

Two of the forums I talked about were indeed so poorly moderated that the place was decaying rapidly. The new owner of FREE CONSERVATIVES.com closed it down for reorganization, made me one of the two new Administrators for the renewed forum set up, but he never followed though, the place is now shut down permanently.

I was a member there from January 2005 to the year he shut it down about year 2015. It was a HUGE forum when I joined, one of the biggest conservative forum at the time.

Wayback Machine link


The other one is BOUNCERS forum, the owner didn’t upgrade from the old and easily hacked phpbb2, which is why his place was getting spammed to hell, I suggested he upgrade to the then new phpBB3, he gets angry and banned me a few days later after a couple of civil e-mails.

His lady Moderator unbanned me the next day, agreed that the place needs to be fixed, a week later it was destroyed, they never came back after that. I don’t think that incompetent owner ever saved a single bit of the database from day one, even Wayback machine has nothing on them.

This was 15 years ago.


Also tried to help a moderator Track Snake save the Globalic Warming forum, while the owner was not doing anything to stop the massive spam attacks on the place using an out of date forum software. It died not long afterwards.


that was 13 years ago.


Natural Citizen ends up lying for a reason that eludes him.


You shouldn’t pay attention to these imbeciles on the internet. Don’t take what they say seriously. THey don’t know you. They hardly know themselves.

True, but their responses in US messageboard forum thread shows how nasty they can be over my gentile explanation on why I am leaving.

I am glad I left, got tired of the trolling and off topic crap. Soon I quit visiting completely.

I was sent a PM from a Moderator who begs that I come back, saying he will miss me terribly. Another moderator in the first page hopes I come back, saying I am an asset in the forum.

Haven’t given up getting this forum yet, trying a new tack soon.

You have been trying to control me recently. Maybe you are a control freak. You have attacked me for calling out evil and you have sided with evil.

US Messageboard is a cool spot and they put up with a lot. It does not need you to save it.

What was that one woman’s name at that one forum? She really WAS a freak and an imbecile. he was mentally unfit…

I haven’t done anything with you, take your childish whine elsewhere.


Bravely spoken, hidden behind your PC.

You’re like a John Kasich, an enemy-ass-kissing pussy. I hope the owner never gets back to you.

Its no wonder you left USMB. Only a pussy can’t take it over there. Thats why you want to control this board.

I left because of the endless off topic trolling and over the top name calling. The Moderators don’t defend their own rules very well, it is an endless complaint by many there.

I am highly rated at that forum, several moderators have begged me to reconsider,

The owner doesn’t respond to anyone, thus he will lose this forum eventually.

So you say.

As I truthfully say: