Where does CNN get their alleged "correspondents"?


Welcome back to the “Cornerstone of Conservatism” ,the Grand Old Republican Operative Forum! Congratulations on your successful fight against the Clinton.
Now, down to brass tacks…
I had the misfortune of being in the room of someone watching CNN alleged news the other day. While they had the Christian decency to turn the sound off, it gave me the chance to observe the faces and mannerisms of the talking heads on the screen. As a matter of fact, I recommend everyone that has to watch CNN turn the sound off…forever! But I digress…As a service to my fellow Conservatives, let me make a few simple observations:

  1. Notice the hatred in the faces on the young reporters. I thought CNN was interviewing a disgruntled Black Lives Matter representative that had been raped by the “Hell`s Angels” …until the caption appeared under name informing the liberal audience that this is the WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT! I kid you not!
  2. What fool shows the face of the Right Reverend Al Sharpton except for “Comedy Central”? And then proceeds to ask his opinion on things? If I had just tuned in, I would have thought that they were re-running colorized episodes of “AMOS & ANDY”…(With special guest “the KINGFISH”)
    HYSTRERICAL MOMENT: All you youngsters out there “Google” up the “Amos and Andy” Show…
  3. And now that we are looking into the past, remember the reporters of the past…even the most angry ,liberal ,and fanatic ones. Picture them in comparison to today’s reporters…
    I remember Mike Wallace: NOBODY wanted to be interviewed by Mike Wallace. And yet, I don’t remember a look of "HATE"
    I remember Chet Huntley and David Brinkley…you might get a look of disdain, a look of disbelief, but not malevolence.
    And,frankly, I am not too happy with some of the FOX reporters. Whereas the CNN people look like recovering drunks, librarians with a hemoroidial complaint, representitives of the Gay Liberation Party, or yuppies who don’t remember their lines, but the FOX reporters strike me as looking conceited, glamour girls that owe their positions to “their positions”…on a casting couch.
    How about some real reporters? Don’t the USA have any left???
    I was watching One America News the other day and felt a peculiar feeling of Deja Vu all over again…whereas the “anchors” look like college kids, or maybe even high school kids, the actual on-air field reporters LOOK LIKE REPORTERS! And they look like they are REPORTING THINGS! Not commenting, pontificating,or analyzing the news, but REPORT-ING! What a concept!
    And here is a question for you:Which has more advertisements per half hour:“FOX and Friends” or the Super Bowl? I mean, when getting ready to face vicious Democrats in the Senate in the morning, and flip on the ol’ TV set,I have a precious few moments to get NEWS!!! Not Viagra commercials or Geico ads or who knows what!
    I mean, if AMERICA can get a TRUMP in the White House, can’t they get NEWS on their TELEVISION???

With love and like that,
Filibuster Foghorn, Senator


I first discovered the value of watching people on TV without sound while watching Bill Clinton, later Obama. When we turn off one of our senses the others take over and fill in. I urge you to watch certain people with the sound off. Harry Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton (Both), Obama, Gore and you should be prepared for insight into them they will shock and frighten you. Words can drown out true thoughts!!!

OK, FOG, the question of the day is? Who did Chet Huntley and David Brinkley replace? No cheating on Google, but I will give you a hint: A wristwatch and a boat outboard motor. Bonus points if you can name the maker of the watch.


John Cameron Swazye (sp?), Timex


LOL you are either old enough to have seen the commercial as I did or you googled it. I remember that commercial and it was a WOW moment, my dad laughing so hard he had tears coming from his eyes.


I’m old enough to remember it, and I believe there were more than one. It took me a while to dredge up Swayze’s name, though.


YOu are right and on the follow up IIRC he actually fished it out with his suit jacket on.

Chet Huntley and David Brinkley never fished out a Timex…LOL