Where does it stop?


Medicaid is now providing…INSECT repellent to the “poor”. Free: Fones, bicycles (under the age of 12, internet access, fone bill, utility bill(s), housing, now Insect repellent…

WE CANNOT WIN against this!!!


This is the reason we will continue to lose. How do you compete with ‘free’ ?!


Basically you can justify “need” of almost everything (I can’t think of anything you can’t) in some way. And no it won’t ever stop or be limited.
I found it upsetting that the “poor” were supplied with cell phones before I (Mr Middle Class American) had one. I find it funny that the need could be justified for them, but I couldn’t justify spending the money for 1 for me. I just it just comes down to me not being a democrat.


I couldn’t even use one if I had it.


I do not see how people stay glued to theirs all the time. There is nothing interesting. I I wan to know how someone is doing I call them or go visit them. I really do not understand the lure of social media.


It “Stops” when we either run out of other peoples money or simply refuse to give the government money anymore, the former is more likely but our Founders were the latter; here is hoping we grow a spine.


Narcissism. Everybody wants to feel important