Where Have I Been ?

Hi all.

I left a few years ago because I was tired of trying to make sense of some people who just could not accept facts. Many of them are banned now.

Jack was a favorite of mine and I miss him, may he rest in peace.

Yes I have been browsing to see how things are progressing here.

Trump vs Cruz I see has been a hot topic here as it has been all over. I supported Cruz and had many discussions on other forums as well. Trump is our nominee now and he is driving me nuts.

Good to see so many good people still here.

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Trump is our nominee now and he is driving me nuts.
The funny thing is that plain talk & off the cuff comments really are what separated him from the pack. Now they are hurting him some. Something I think of though is with the media the way it is anything he said would have been misquoted anyway. It’s a rare day when I come on line & the first story my internet provider has up is something negative about Trump. It’s gotten to where if Trump gave an 18% tip to a waitress & Hillary ran over someone in her car the Trump story would be number 1 for the day.

Hi! Mom and I kind of thought that we’d lost you in a mortal sense; glad to see you again! Seems to be a time for a few RO MIAs to return!

Does another happy-as-a-Clam dance

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Welcome back, Bucks! You’ve been missed. There has been some tightening of the guidelines, and that probably keeps some of the riff-raff out - or gets them banned a lot quicker.

Thanks Susanna.
It had been a little like banging my head against a wall when certain people refused to part with their propaganda. :grin:

I certainly miss Jack. His posts were often like a small book but I enjoyed every word, and we had the same taste in music. I also missed most of the posters here.

Good to see you.

Good to have you back Bucks!

Welcome back Boot!

Welcome back!

We don’t have a total absence of that…

Thanks all, good to be back.