Where In Hell Is . .

While Trump is getting hammered by media outlets every hour on the hour - you know, for truly important things like spending $70K on haircuts during his TV show, “The Apprentice”, etc, the rats who spent the last 4 years attempting a bloodless coup and ignoring the constitution, rule of law - the list is endless - well, their alleged misdeeds are being lost in election babble, looting, burning businesses, destruction of monuments.

I stated on this site in February, that despite what the DOJ appointed prosecutor, John Durham’s investigation might uncover, the real perps at the center of the made up Russian hoax would never be held accountable. I am more convinced of that than ever.

So, I must ask - where in the hell is John Durham?

By the way, I’m curious what the Dems have in store as this election cycle’s “October Surprise”.

As for Putin and Xi and Kim - No doubt all three of these guys are conspiring with Trump to influence the November election - After all, I’m sure they would rather deal with the ever friendly, meek and easily led Trump than the very astute and razor sharp foreign relations mastermind, Joe Biden.

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I have viewed the Durham investigation as a sideshow and distraction from the beginning. We were told that he was taking his time so that he could deliver a comprehensive and accurate accounting of the facts. We were promised that all of those who were guilty of wrongdoing would be brought to account.

The reality is Durham is nothing but your typical Washington swamp rat who is looking out for his pension and his hide. The betting is Biden will win the election and the whole thing will dropped. If the election results are disputed, that will take center stage, and no one will hear anything of note concerning the Durham investigation. If a miracle happens, and Trump wins outright, the second term will overshadow any interest in the 2016 election.

Bottom line - The whole thing was a farce created to complete the Democrat coverup. Durham is a “Comey Junior,” who wasted more taxpayer money on more government lies. Those who have followed the reports on Fox News know the story. The rest the country does not care.

The youth of this country don’t care about democracy and ultimately freedom. They have been programmed to believe the democracy is a dirty business because you have waste time getting other people to agree on public policy.

Socialism and Communism are much better because “the experts” know exactly when is right. Under the dictates of those “experts” will be no racism, poverty or division. Everyone will live in harmony, and we won’t have to put up with differences of opinion. “Reactionary elements” will silenced. Thus are the teachings of Nancy Pelosi, AOC and the highest priest of all, Bernie Sanders.

I think Durham has just fired a shot over the heads of the people who started the Russia conspiracy.

Contrary to the normal narrative, Russia and impeachment was a distraction issue to obfuscate the database searches. This was likely used for insider trading.

Durham is a US Attorney prosecutor.

They don’t issue “reports”.

I find it very curious that people (pundits) who really ought to know better still talk about the timing of Durham’s “report”.

I’m waiting for indictments from Durham. Because that’s the only thing he’s supposed to produce.

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At the rate he’s going, there won’t be a damn thing. This started in May 2019. That’s a year and four months with no indictments. NOTHING.

I’ll stick by my statement. Nothing of substance will come from his “investigation.” His “investigation” is a joke. If there were anything, he’s dragged his feet to wait until after the elections. He is a swamp creature, which makes him less than unless.

If you are waiting for any significant indictments from Durham, you will be waiting for hell to freeze over.