Where is everyone? MODS?OWNER

I had some issues and to this point, no response, no answers?? What is going on?? Is there anyone monitoring this site??

Potential members are unable to access the site.

It is really bad when the OWNER abandons the place, the Moderators gets frustrated over time when they can’t fix things because they have NO Admin board access. The owner is repeating the same mistake the two previous owners made, be gone and unreachable for months at a time.

Many members have been badly let down by the TWO previous owners who let their forum crash, because the first of the two owners kept using a vBULLETIN 3.0 version that was no longer supported, which became more easily hackable, that is pure neglect.

The current owner paid in April to keep it going till next April 2021, IF there is a forum still alive by then, what really bugs me is WHY he is ignoring my generous $200 offer to buy the forum from him, who isn’t doing anything here to build up membership and improve the forum.

I doubt he realizes the mods have abandoned him, that most remaining members have stopped coming in the last two months, how could he, his last visit was last November!

This forum isn’t worth $20 bucks, yet he is ignoring me over $200, how can I deal with that?

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Have you tried insulting the sexual chastity of his uncle?

If nothing else…tell us what is going on!!

How can members deal with absent owners and his moderators?

He he, nah, I won’t stoop that low.

If the owner doesn’t respond in 3 days, I will post an alternative forum url for anyone who wants another generally conservative site to try out, one that have owners maintaining the place, with a number of active moderators.

I have over 5,000 posts there as Sunsettommy.

The forum buying offer expires later today, my blatant disregard of the absente owner will be shown by telling everyone here about a forum they can go to when this place crashed due to owner neglect.

I am Sunsettommy.there.

I do NOT own this forum, just a 5,000 plus member is all I am.

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This forum really just exists for nostalgia. There’s maybe 20 people who still visit. It doesn’t even seem to be meaningfully indexed by Google anymore. It’s more like a discord channel at this point. You can go to google and type “Republican forum” and it doesn’t even make the first five pages.

Yeah that is why I am trying to revive it, for nostalgic reasons.

The owner is doing what the previous did, go AWOL until there is a forum crash, then reappears to rescue it, this time it will be too late since the last 10 members will say fuck it!

It used to come up when you Googled “Republican Operative” until a month or so. I thought it was due to the usual Google conservative suppression.

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I think partly. If this site had tagged threads, that wouldhave help, I can’t imagine what is keeping admin/owner mods away.

The Mods gave up because there is too little to moderate and the chronic disinterest in the Owner, who isn’t trying to rebuild traffic flow and membership base.

That is why I post the URL to another forum for those who wants a lot more action than here.

I have a friend who will try to buy this place starting tomorrow with a much higher money offer, lets see if the owner suddenly show up?

You know…it costs to run a board. You pay for the name…you pay the folks who provide the board. Sometimes it is a blessing to just turn it over to someone.

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