Where is Maggy Gallagher's husband?


Maggie Gallagher was the head and spokesman for the organization that calls itself the National Organization for Mariage. She stepped down from that position recently, just as rumors about her own marriage were beginning to circulate.

According to Gallagher, she is married to Raman Srivastav, husband of 19 years. Oddly though, for the nation’s loudest voice for traditional marriage, she and her husband have never been seen together. They don’t attend events together, unlike other NOM members. There are no known photographs of them together, and indeed no known photographs of the man himself. He does not seem to have an identifiable presence online. As seen in the above photo, she does not wear a wedding ring.

Some have speculated that the elusiveness of her husband is due to the fact that he is (according to her) Hindu, and she affiliates herself with fundamentalist Christians. Others suggest that they are, in fact, divorced, or otherwise separated, something that would be rather embarrassing for the director of the National Organization for Marriage.

But it’s an interesting question. Where is Mr. Srivastav hiding?


Who cares? If the man does not want to be in the spotlight then leave him alone. Word of advice Caudi. If you do not want people meddling in your personal life it is considered common courtesy to not meddle in theirs.


Ah, but she is meddling in mine. In any case, I’m only asking.


In that case. Do as she says not as she does!!! jk lol

But in any case take the high road.


Hey, Troll.

It’ll take you less than five seconds to find photos of Ms Gallagher’s husband, with or without Ms Gallagher in them, if you can free up the time.


Great, let’s see 'em. I’ve looked and to the best of my knowledge there isn’t a picture of her with her husband anywhere.


Where is your…? Oh yeah.


If I recall, Caudi, you don’t care for people to use bad examples of homosexuality against you; but it looks like what you’re trying to do that against traditional family values.


No, I’m not trying to use her against anyone else. I’m only talking about one person, Margaret Gallagher.

And I know it’s normally kind of trashy to talk about someone’s private life. Ms. Gallagher, though, is at the forefront of a movement to make private lives the public’s concern, at least as it pertains to others. Since she has made a career out of touting the superiority of her form of marriage, I think it’s legitimate to ask where her husband is and why he’s never seen with her. Marriage is, after all, the issue she campaigns about publicly, and the only marriage with which she has first-hand experience is her own.


Knowing the causes you espouse and the manner of your espousal of them, I’m not prepared to believe this.


So you believe I’m trying to say… what? That women who are against equal rights for LGBT couples are, like Gallagher, never seen with their husbands in public?


I don’t know what you believe, but this thread is a pretty good argument for the assertion that you have no idea how to mount an intellectual argument.


True, I’m an idiot. But you said you could find images of Gallagher with her husband in five seconds. Can I see them?


I don’t know, can you?


Right, so you couldn’t find any.


[quote=“Caudipteryx, post:15, topic:37109”]
Right, so you couldn’t find any.
[/quote]What flippin’ difference does it make? So, he’s not photogenic. Big Whoop. Maybe photogophobia. Maybe he is agoraphobic. could be Agyrophobia. Ambulophobia, Scopophobia, or Panophobia? Haphephobia, Cacophobia, Mnemophobia?


I believe that consciously or otherwise, you’re trying to cast traditional family and marriage or their public-eye proponents (although I’d never heard of the this woman or organization until this thread) in a negative light.



There ya go Caudi…took about 2 minutes.


Lol. Did you read the article? It’s hard to tell if you’re serious but Christwire is a satire site, and I’m fairly certain that’s a joke image.


No…didn’t read it. Just looked for a pix. Looking at the site…I think the “is my dog gay” article is a giveaway though! …In that case…I didn’t find any others so your claim looks good to me. Pretty funny if true.