Where is the ignore function?


I’m not finding the “ignore” function or my user folder. I haven’t wanted to use the “ignore” function for a long time. Now I do. Can you help?


I haven’t looked for it. I guess I kind of assumed this format didn’t have it. I’ll take a look at my own account, although I’m not guaranteeing that I’d find it if it is there.


Thanks, FC. How is your mother? I don’t see her anymore. I hope she’s ok. How does one PM another here?


Mom’s all right. She hasn’t done a lot online in recent months.

For PMing, you can click on the screen name (in a post) of someone you want to PM (there’s also a user list, in order of the most recent members to post (and what looks like a lot of spam 'bots that apparently can’t post); I think you can click on their name there, too), and it’ll bring up a box of stuff that includes a messaging option. I don’t don’t find it as intuitive as vBulletin, but it works.


Thanks, FC. Please let your mom know that I’m thinking and praying for her (and you as well). I miss her comments–they’re always spot-on!


I don’t know that she’s abandoned RO altogether; she’d been posting once every couple of weeks or so. Obviously, RO hasn’t been nearly as active as in the past.


I noticed the same thing. I think lots of people left.