Where's the Tea Party?

The budget deficit for February alone was $215 billion. We’re likely to see trillion-dollar deficits again. Where is the conservative outrage? I thought the national debt was a huge deal to you guys.


Tax cuts and tariffs will fill the gap!

I dunno. Seriously, folks? Any answers? It’s a great question. Or did I write the answer?

The tea party got killed off by the Republican establishment, which wants nothing whatsoever to do with fiscal responsibility. There’s nothing anyone can do to stop or even slow the spending any more. The republicans are dedicated to spending .0001% slower than the democrats. Donald Trump will rubber stamp their continuing resolutions.

What good is outrage? It accomplishes nothing.


Well MY outrage is going to be reflected this coming November, and I don’t think the idiots in the GOP leadership are going to like it one bit!

The gop won’t care. The republican governor of Mississippi just appointed a Democrat to fill the retiring Thad Cochran’s(?) Seat.

You mean like the president? He’s just as guilty.

No he isn’t. He will sign the atrocious spending bill that passed the House today but it is a setup; a bipartisan swamp setup.

The bill is so bad that Ryan couldn’t get it passed with GOP votes alone so they loaded it up with democrat priorities and cut out provisions overwhelmingly supported by the people who put them there…the voters. Chuck Schumer is getting ready to, once again, break into his happy dance tonight when it passes the Senate. If the President were to veto it becomes Trump’s shutdown. He really needs this added to his already full plate.

Now suppose Ryan had put together a decent bill that his 90 GOP defectors could support. The democrats in the Senate would kill it and it becomes Schumer’s shutdown.

Dave’s outrage is “is going to be reflected this coming November” and I know that he will not be alone. Before you go to the polls in November, do the following simple exercise:

  1. Find out how your congress critter voted on this bill.

  2. If he is one of the 145 Republicans who voted for it ask yourself how you will be better off by returning him to Congress.

Congress takes plenty of “vacation days” maybe you should take one on November 6th unless you like being lied to over and over again.

If it’s a set up, then Trump is a sap for signing it. You can’t have it both ways. Either he’s a master-negotiator playing 5D chess, or a chump who just got rolled by Teh Swamp11!11!

So, which is it?

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Justin Amash managed to vote against it. Why can’t the guy who’s draining the swamp? I read after this post that Trump wasn’t going to sign that bill, OD. He was concerned about DACA. Seriously? What about the spending problem? It turns out he’s going to sign it anyway. It’s the only way he can increase military spending in a nation with an already vast military.

Justin Amash and a bunch of others managed to vote no. Why can’t President Swamp Drainer? He’s weak.

I’d give him his due if he didn’t sign.

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The Tea Party collapsed because they allowed themselves to get co-opted by globalist neocons.

Look at Paul Ryan, Glenn Beck, and all these other losers who turned out to not be serious about actually protecting America’s interests.

Apparently he signed only because of Mattis. I’m not happy about it either. Regardless, it was the largest DoD budget increase we’ve seen. I’m always happy about DoD budget increases.


It is a huge deal to “us guys.” How big of a deal was it every time the budget deficit grew before to you guys?


It meant NOTHING to Democrats whatsoever. They sat back and aided and abetted Obama’s runaway spending on stupid, unconstitutional social programs and claimed they were being “compassionate” by doing so.

Liberals didn’t start a political movement over deficits. It’s never been a priority to us. And it isn’t to conservatives either. If it was, there would be protests in the streets. The deficit is easily going to break a trillion dollars again. Instead of outrage, there’s crickets.

I’m so happy that you are here to speak my thoughts for me.

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Ok, it’s a massive priority. People are protesting in large numbers. A march on Washington is planned to get spending under control.


It is a massive priority for conservatives. It seems that many of us are busy working though, and marches rarely happen.

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Except when they do.


Yes, we already talked about the TEA party. Marches rarely happen for conservatives, we tend to be working, and we don’t have George Soros bankrolling.

What does that have to do with it? It takes a black guy being president for conservatives to march?

You aren’t getting away with that line.