Where's the Tea Party?


I’m not happy with spending money on anything if it’s not necessary. Just because I like something doesn’t mean I want to automatically spend more on it and buy more of it.

Not with the establishment Republicans and apparently not with the latest crop of rebel Republicans – except for the actual capitalists oddly enough. Of course, they’re all but powerless in the current paradigm.


“It takes a black guy being president for conservatives to march?”

Pretty much. I don’t think it’s a coincidence the Tea Party rose up under Obama, and then went into hiding under Trump.



I suppose you didn’t note the DATE of that article (2009). Some Tea Partiers made an exception to protest the simply AWFUL Obamacare…which was about to pass and everyone (but Democrats) KNEW would devastate the health care industry and bankrupt millions of Americans, which it DID!


You obviously don’t pay much attention to Fox News which has been SHOWING conservative upset over that bastard of a bill since it was signed! If the GOP loses in November, that bill will be largely responsible, unless President Trump manages to get it under control WITHOUT Legislative help.


Establishment republicans aren’t what I would call conservative. And that powerlessness among the actual fiscal conservatives is exactly the reason for not marching: it will have zero impact. The republican party has proven again and again that they are completely dishonest on fiscal issues, paying lip service during the campaign season and governing as spendthrift liberals. Actual conservatives are deliberately marginalized, co-opted or destroyed by the establishment. Democrats deserve to lose every election, but the republicans surely don’t deserve to win them…


Actually, it was under Bush for doing TARP, then under Obama for doing the stimulus.

No, it has to do with the half-life of a popular movement.

The TEA party had more staying power than Occupy Wall Street, but that doesn’t mean it could remain the forefront force forever.

Instead, the Alt-right got their turn.


That’s funny. I could have sworn the GOP tried to dismantle Obamacare and failed. Twice. No protests. The Medicaid expansion continues and people can shop online for subsidized health plans:

Again, crickets.


No, it started in 2009, with Rick Santelli, who publicly went insane over Obama’s Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan.

It also went hand-in-hand with birtherism.


No, that’s when it was named; it started among people of the fallen Ron Paul Campaign that were looking for another identity in 2008.


Before Santelli’s rant, it was just some Paulites. After Obama’s election, it really took off. Why do you think birtherism and the Tea Party are so intertwined?


That doesn’t explain people like FreedomWorks Chairman Dick Armey who was a vocal critic of TARP, or Republicans who were primaried over TARP votes; largely attributed to Tea Party action.

In short, trying to insist it was Obama, ignores actions taken over TARP & bank bailouts.

Dunno; polls show it’s a minority view, just like with the rest of the country:


Strike three. Nice. Even after being warned.


Why does race literally color every single leftwing liberal opinion? It makes liberal progressives sound like complete idiots.

How about Republicans are hypocrites who love their spending sprees on their pet projects when they’re in charge – just like liberals on civil rights. Hypocrisy a far more likely reason.

Trump is just as much the problem as any of a number of other Republicans. He could have said, “No!” But he either is too weak or he’s just another Democrat/Establishment Republican who loves Big Government.

The Great Leader should lead. The Brilliant Negotiator should bargain instead of giving us deficits larger than the former socialists in chief.

And we should stop playing football with Lucy.