Which RO Member Would You Most Like to See as President of the United States?


Despite the complaints from Liberals and Moderates about this place being “intolerant,” I’ve noticed a great deal of diversity of opinion on Republican Operative. We’ve got Neocons, SoCons, Libertarians, PaleoCons, Moderates, and Liberals. For instance, half of this website wouldn’t even consider voting for me in an election. So the question is this, of all the RO members, who would you most likely vote for if they ran for President?


President Jazzhead for his relentlessly pragmatic, moderate and sensible approach to the governing of human affairs.
Vice President Cam to add a bit of piss and vinegar to the ticket but the same sensible, pragmatic approach.
Secretary of State Trekky for his cool headed, even handed and rational approach to diplomacy and negotiation.
Attorney General Rightwing Nutjob for his unwavering commitment to liberty.


We’re screwed.


The Fang Of Destruction.

We need a Buddhist in D.C. …LOL…

We got everything else up there as it is, and we need Buddhist representation … /grin

Maybe Fang could “sort 'em out” and “put 'em at ease” and “talk peace to 'em” and “get 'em focused on just D.C.” and on “minding their own business”…

… but don’t hold your breath! … /Big Grin


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I’d vote for the RO member that could best keep Uncle Leviathan confined to Washington D.C. and out of the private sector so that the Christian Church can have maximum freedom to fullfill it’s God assigned task of carrying out the Lord Christ’s Great Commission which is the one and only hope of the world.

All human problems are, at root, spiritual problems and there are no political solutions to spiritual problems. The cure for the world’s huge list of problems is Christ’s Great Commission actually fullfilled.

18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore **go and make disciples** of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and **teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.** And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Mt. 28:18-20

The ** “go and make disciples” ** and the teach ** “them to obey everything I have commanded you” ** …

… has 2 parts:

(1) Humans become what the theologians call regenerated (what Jesus called being “born again” in John chapter 3) This means they repent of their sins, ask forgiveness, and accept the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior.

(2) Humans allow the Holy Spirit to teach them how to become good Christians and manifest the fruits of the Spirit mentioned in Gal. 5:22-23 “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”

And that ↑ is the one and only plan of God for human progress in the world, and politics and politicians CANNOT fullfill that plan,
but they can get out of the way and not make it more difficult for the Christian Church to do its job in the world.

And they can also pass laws that make it easier for the Christian Church to carry out Christ’s Great Commission.

The political mess in America, Europe, and the world cannot be fixed by politicians.

** The Lord Jesus as Savior and the Holy Spirit as Teacher cannot be SKIPPED OVER on the way
to “fixing the world” or “making the world better” (if by “better” you mean “permanent better”} **

Christ’s Great Commission is THE plan. Period.

So which RO member would I vote for?

…LOL… ha, me and my fellow Conservative would probably start another U.S. Civil War …/BIG GRIN… I do not want that, its NOT the job of the Christian Church to take up arms to fullfil Christ’s Great Commission. (And increasing the intensity of the political war ain’t gonna fix this mess either.)

And of course, NO LIBERALS need apply.

The wretched leebruls here would open wider the floodgates to more moral insanity, they’d announce to America on their inaugration day that hence forth America
operates on “If it feels good, do it.”

The title of their first State Of The Union address would be: "Liberty, Social Justice, and Equality for Everybody Except White Hetrosexual Christian Males … LOL…

So we gotta have a more level headed RO menber elected to the Oval Office to run America …

… LOL… somebody who will not scare babies :freaked:

… we need a calm … relaxed … non-zelot … non-fanatic … LOL… a man whose pulse never gets over 79 beats per minute … /smile …perhaps a man from one of our states out west … a family man … who wants everybody to mind their own business /BIG GRIN…

… and here he is:

RightWingNutjob (aka RWNJ) For President

Heh heh, now all ya gotta do is talk him into accepting the nonimation!

(I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one either)


…LOL… I had a ton of fun writing that up … I sat here and had to wipe away tears … ROFL I was …



Jack, Rightwing Nutjob is in favor is legal porn, legal prostitution, no drug laws, no death penalty, gay marriage (as long as issuing marriage licenses remains the business of government) and a non-interventionalist foreign policy. Although I’m sure as President he would get government out of the marriage business altogether and it would be civil union certificates for gays and heteros alike.


Nutjob, please correct me if I have misrepresented any your views.


This might surprise you, but other than the gay marriage and prostitution, I agree with him.

He’s not my top pick, but he’s up there.


Ha, sad ultra serious World Traveler,

…LOL… With regard to any RO member becoming POTUS, that part of my post was: a joke post … I’s just having fun … anybody that could actually take serious the suggestion that an RO member could become president of the United States is clinically insane … or …

…taking life way to serious.

Some people are obsessed with “politics” and obsessed with “current news” and obsessed with “religious people” and obsessed with “the serious side of life” …

… and even though they may give [like you] “lip service” to loving life and enjoying what it offers, in threads they present the exact opposite picture of a man who loves life and who loves to laugh and who loves music and who loves to have fun.

You didn’t comprehend the serious part of my post anyway (which is nothing new … /grin ), I made it clear that there are no political solutions to spiritual problems regardless of who is put in power in D.C.


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Laugh it up!

“Why so serious”?__The Joker :freaked:

You did notice the last line of my post 4, did you not, O sad World Traveler?
(It was there from the beginning.)



President UNTRugby. Seem’s pretty level-headed.


Rightwing Nutjob.


2cent. we need a strong conservative and we should let a woman have a go, since we men screwed it up.


Nailed it!



I’d love to see a lot of people here be president.

Fantasy Chaser
Classical Teacher
Robert Clay
Rightwing Nutjob
SuddenImpact (doesnt post much anymore)
Brett (doesnt post here anymore)
Right Wing

But if I had to pick four for my preferred picks:

  1. ClassicalTeacher
  2. SuddenImpact
  3. Susanna
  4. 2Cent
  5. Fantasy Chaser or RET (it’s a tie)


Oh come on; I’m more Clamly than he is…


Well thanks, guys. I’m touched. (Some say, “titched”, but that’s okay.)
You, too, Jack H. For some reason it won’t let me ‘thank you.’


A Tiny-Jazz or sam-Jazz ticket would be exciting, ZC.




…LOL… Now there it is!!

Tiny or Sam as POTUS …
Jazz as VPOTUS (sent forth with strict orders to close down abortion clinics and with the Secret Service watching his every move to
make certain he actually does it …LOL again…)


Hi 2cent,

Y’elcome, I’mon vote for ya for certain.

Re the Thanks glitch, try this: Refresh the page.

I have had the same problem several times, and so far refreshing the page has enabled the Thanks button successfully.

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Jack Hectormann:

Re the Thanks glitch, try this: Refresh the page.

I have had the same problem several times, and so far refreshing the page has enabled the Thanks button successfully.

Always the gentleman. Thank you. (As you can see, it worked! ~smile~)
(I can’t even figure out the ‘thank you’ button, and people want me for president? :rofl:)

Re: the question at hand as to which RO member I’d vote for, you are the first person who came to mind. I’ve always held your intelligence, command of the facts, and general demeanor in high regard.
Of course, being a Constitutionalist being the most important of all.


Y’elcome 2cent, glad it worked for you.

Thank you 2cent, appreciate the kind words, but I’ll take the Veep spot (if you’ll appoint me…/grin) and let you deal with those snakes up there in D.C. …LOL… they don’t call Washington “Snake Pit City” for nothing …ha…

You can handle 'em better than I can… you’ve got wit …spice … sauce … humor … irony … and other gifts … LOL… you’d have those political morons eating out of your hand in a week or two …

… LOL… go get 'em

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I’m voting the Cam-Pete ticket. I think the nation would be in good hands.