Which State...

was the only one to have had two official languages? and what was the language besides English?

The Republic of Texas est.1836

Spanish & English

I love being a smartass… :eek:

I thought it might have been PA, with both German & English.

You are correct.


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Hawaii? blahhhh

The question’s already been answered. Are you just here for spammin’ your “product?”

No, but doesn’t Hawaii have a language other then English?

They have many, but I don’t know if they have an “official” language or not. I used to work with a lady from Hawaii. Her family was originally from the Philippines. They all spoke Tagalog (Filipino), English, and Hawaiin. One of her sisters married a Frenchman and moved to Tahiti. Their children speak Tagalog, English, Hawaiin, French, and Tahitian. And they “mix and match.”


Edit your quote. It’s supposed to be “war,” not slavery that’s never solved anything. :wink:

woops thanks for pointing that out:wave: :flag:

Which two states have the Mockingbird as their state bird?

Not sure on both…but Texas is one of them! :wave:

You’re right. Texas is one!!
I guess you are from Texas?
Texas is basically my second home.
I consider it probably the best state in all of the US!!!

Yep I am a native Texan too! I of course think it is the best state evah!! :cowboy:

Haha. Well I happened to be born in FL, but my mom was born in TX and lived there most of her life…so I love Texas WAY more than FL. I wish I could live there. I was born in FL only because my parents were Air-Force. I had no choice in the matter. Sadly!

Florida would be the other state for mockingbirds. I have a few that sing really purty outside my window each morning. They like to hang out in my Florida Holly tree.

I would think California has 2 languages officially since they break they’re backs coddling illegals.

aha! I live in FL as well. I haven’t seen many mockingbirds lately come to think of it. I probably don’t pay close enough attention though!