While france & russia fight . . .


Our president, as he so often does, has once again distinguished himself from other world leaders.

In the immediate aftermath of the Paris slaughter, while France and Russia are bombing the sh*t out of the Middle Eastern JVs, heretofore known as ISIS, ISIL or whatever, our ever-prescient president has once again put his brilliance to work and kept his keen mind focused on the real threat - CLIMATE CHANGE!!

Yes, as bullets fly and bombs and bodies burst, during a stop-over speech in the Philippines our president brought back into clear focus the number one threat in the world today - climate change.

What a guy!!

But wait, all is not well in Libville - Dianne “Sanctuary City” Feinstein just announced she is NOW worried that ISIS might come to the United States - more worried now than she’s been since before 9/11. She announced ISIS appears not contained as Obama has stated for two years (during which time she uttered not one word of dissent). Oh thank you, Dianne, for that clarity and insight. Before retreating to your San Francisco mansion protected by a wall, armed guards and surveillance equipment, would you mind sharing with us, your subjects, what exactly it was that offered you your first clue that ISIS is NOT CONTAINED, that these radical Islamist terrorists are interested in blowing up folks in the United States? Was it things they said or things they have done - maybe both? Perhaps it was the threats coupled with the simultaneous beheadings or burning people alive? Dianne, please take a moment to share the fruits of your superior intellect with us.

Moral to the post:

Elections have consequences!!


Todays politicians are sorry pieces of shit. Plain and simple. Politics(no matter the level) is something I have no time for. If there is one thing that is the greatest evil in this world it is those who wield political power.