'Whistleblower' Exposed: Close to Biden, Brennan, Schiff's Staff, and DNC Operative

I posted this guy’s name weeks ago on here.

Today everyone (except the media) is confirming the name!

This $#it gets more and more disgusting as we go along!
THIS is the ‘so-called’ Whistle-Blower that started it all!
(Schiff contact)

Democrat, CIA, NSC, worked with Brennan and Biden

Leaked $#it to a Ukraine female who supported Hillary and was let go from the WH after discovery … etc. etc.

On top of it all … The creep looks like a Mama’s Boy!
(photo at link)

I think you mean Alexandra Chalupa, a DNC employee who went to Ukrainian officials looking for evidence of Russian/Trump collusion (and anything else they might have). Ciaramella, the WBer, had meetings with her in the WH. She was never a WH employee.

Glenn Beck uncovers MORE evidence of DNC collusion with Ukraine to sabotage the Trump campaign in 2016:


PS If you haven’t watched this, it is a must see:

NOTE: Content begins at 18 minutes into the video.

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