White House Adopts Portions Of Rand Paul’s ‘A Sequester Without Layoffs’


Obama White House Adopts Portions Of Rand Paul’s ‘A Sequester Without Layoffs’

In response to the sequestration order Mar. 1, the White House, in a letter to Executive Departments and Agencies, wrote that they are directing all federal agencies to freeze new hires and curtail travel as part of the plan to meet sequestration spending targets.

One week ago, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced “The Sequester Without Layoffs” plan, which included the two targets found in the White House memo.

In response to the memo, Sen. Paul released the following statement:

[QUOTE]“Our nation has a serious spending problem that must be re-evaluated. Last week I unveiled a plan that would reduce the anticipated layoffs by cutting spending, such as government travel budgets and the rehiring of federal employees. I am encouraged to hear that the White House is adopting these two measures in their assessment of the sequester cuts, but these cuts barely begin to scratch the surface of the problem,” Sen. Paul said. “If we are serious about addressing our debt crisis, sequestration is only the beginning. We need much larger cuts and we need them sooner rather than later.”

Rand Paul = our next president


Uh oh. The Repub party leaders are going to be pissed! Using anything developed by a Paul is strictly verboten!


Come on Perkins, Obama quickly realized he way overreached and was losing plausibility. As for Rand Paul, he may have introduced it but other republicans brought it forward and hit the FOX. You all just want to keep promoting rand paul, and he doesn’t do much more than his father did.


Not so much supporting Paul as pointing out that a good, sensible idea should not be disregarded just because it came from any individual. I liked some of Ron’s ideas and would have supported them even though I did not support him. Even if you consider it just a blind squirrel finding a nut, he still found it!