White House Covering Up Fast and Furious Program in Syria Aiding Al Qaeda



Everybody but Obama is fair game for Obama, He cannot, he has not, he WILL not accept ANY responsibility of anything negative. This selfproclaimed Messiah can do not wrong in his own eyes. Hillary has taken this bullet for him and I’ll bet William is Pi**ed.


Slick Willie wants back in the Whitehouse so he can have his turn at being the co-president.


[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:3, topic:36610”]
Slick Willie wants back in the Whitehouse so he can have his turn at being the co-president.
[/quote]He just wants to have a personal staff to sexually abuse again.


I haven’t heard of this prior to reading this thread. If it was a Republican in office? Holy crap. They’d be “fast and furiously” on the road to impeachment.


Holy cow. I figured that leading from behind would cause problems. This is just ridiculous.

I hope Romney hammers Obama on this next week. We have to get these clowns out of office. These guys are danger not only for the US but for the world.


The first I heard of this was last Monday, (21st.) And that’s only due to a lady calling in to a fairly new show on local a.m. radio. (I think it’s called, “Conservative Animal.” (?) Great show!!!)
Which is, of course, what lead me to hunting around this board for more info., and am so glad it’s here 'cuz that lady was (understandably) skeptical of the only source she could find on the web - which she’d come across quite by accident.
Thanks, Jeb, 'cuz now I can call 'em with not only one, but two, fairly reliable sources. (Okay, not so much the NYT. lol) Still, if listeners aren’t inclined to believe one source, perhaps they will the other.

This M.E. “Fast & Furious” is FAR too serious to let slide under the carpet.
Hopefully, someone will send this to Gov. Romney, and it will prompt him to have a change of heart, leading to a better strategy than this horrific boondoggle.

[One tweensy prob I had w/Megyn Kelly - whom I otherwise adore. It is NOT confusing.]


Wait what? I thought that everybody knew we were giving AQ arms in Syria? I figured it was part of policy and it is on the administration newsletter, kind of like the fundraisers that have a thermometer you fill up. “We’re halfway there guys! Just 3,000 more small arms, 200 AA weapon systems, and 2 tons of ammunition and we’ll reach our goal!”


Maybe in Obama’s cabinet…