White House meddles in state's gun control


Here’s a shock!!!

Colorado Republicans bristle as White House meddles in state’s gun control debate | Fox News

Republican lawmakers in Colorado say they want the White House to stay out of their state battle over gun control, accusing Vice President Biden of personally leaning on Democratic legislators for their votes in a tight campaign that could change the national conversation on gun rights.

Republican state Rep. Carole Murray told FoxNews.com she doesn’t appreciate “East Coast politics” interfering in her state.


Of course, many of the guns that find their way to the “east coast” states and end up killing my friends and neighbors were obtained from one of the many gun-happy states. You can shoot up the place in Texas all you want, but keep in mind that those guns often find their way elsewhere.


I am pretty positive to you have never, NEVER, lost a friend or neighbor to a bad guy with a gun, let alone from a gun that originated in a “gun happy state”. Don’t even try to say that you have indeed lost someone that way because we all know that it will be a lie, meant only to make everyone agravated. Stop trolling every single firearms related thread. Go away.


Gun violence is an epidemic here in Philadelphia. And very few of the guns used in such violence were purchased here in the city.


And there’s the rule breaking Mods. Now can we get a ban?

And on to your point. I don’t care how many posts you have vs me. It kind of happens that way when someone has been a member for longer than someone that joined a couple months ago. The only thing that 3,800 posts proves is that there has been 3,800 entries that state the exact same useless dribble that was posted in every other one. There’s no engaging in a discussion with someone that refuses to see any point that the other person makes. You continually blame the one thing that isn’t the problem. You refuse to blame the fact that your city is populated with mass amounts of gangs, drugs and a lack of percecusion of those that commit crimes. You said yourself that “very few of the guns used in such violence were purchased here in the city”. So that means that the gun laws that your city has in place clearly do nothing to stop the problem because those that commit crimes do not care about the laws. There is no correlation between the gun laws in Colorado and the violence in your city. Yet you somehow think that making new laws in another state will help that crap hole of a city solves its problems. You also acknowledge how bad the violence is in that city and you seem to think that simply a baseball bat and a dog is all you need to defend yourselves. There is absolutely not a shred of sense in any of that logic. You are living in a fantasy world.

If you really want your city to be cleaned up, how about you step away from the keyboard, stop blaming other states/citizens/municipalities/ghosts/boogie-men for your cities crap and do something that will actually improve the situation. Pressure your elected officials. Pressure your court system to punish those that commit crimes. Start a foundation that helps at-risk youths understand the gravity of their situations and decissions. Or how about you decide to put on a uniform and patrol the streets. Do something other than blame everyone else, especially the law abiding citizens that have done nothing to cause your percerived problems. Stop being lazy and actually make an effort to do something other than being a keyboard warrior.

No one can engage in a discussion with you because you selectively pick parts of what people say and completely disregard others. I called you on your lie in this post and you yet again completely disregarded it. You have done that every single time I have called your numerous lies and missinformation in other threads. Your posts clearly indicate that you are selective to what you want to respond to because you have worked up your standard response that you continually repeat over and over and over every time you respond. You are incapable of engaging in a discusion because you are incapabale of deviating from your script. It is a lost cause. With my less than 100 posts I have figured you out. And its very clear that everyone else here has figured you out. Enough man. You disagree just to disagree. You selectively choose what you want to respond to once you realize that you can’t substantiate the lies you throw around. You completely ignore the opposing view point because you can’t see past the letters on the screen. That’s almost 3,800 hundred posts full of nothing but regurgitated nonsense typed out solely to rile up the vast majority of users of this board. There will be absolutely no response to anymore of your comicallly out-of-touch with reality posts.

I am not conceited. I’m just not dillusional.

“Discussion” over. You lose.


You lose.

If that’s the case, then I must object to your self-characterization that you are not delusional.

BTW, what “lie” did you catch me in?


I think you pretty well have Jazzhead’s number…


Yeah the dude makes it incredibly obvious. Annoyance to the highest degree.


[quote=“thejoshb, post:5, topic:38444”]
And there’s the rule breaking Mods. Now can we get a ban?
[/quote]There’s a button at the bottom of each post you can use to report a violation. Fortunately someone else did it for you.

And please, people, don’t quote the stuff you’re going to report. It means I have to edit more posts .

Also watch it in your responses and make sure you don’t break the rules.

Attack the content of the post not the member.


I’ve had him on ignore for ages.


Thanks for the info Nutjob. And I tried my best to relate everything I said to the persons posts.