White House says more Black Lives Matter protests ‘a good thing’


As police departments across the country geared up for more Black Lives Matter demonstrations, the White House on Thursday called the street protests “a good thing.”
Military bases posted warnings to personnel to stay away from public gathering spots Friday evening in 37 cities such as the Gateway Arch in St. Louis “due to potential protests and criminal activity.” Others said the online call for a “Day of Rage” across the U.S. is likely a hoax.
Law enforcement officials acknowledge they are on edge after the assassinations of five police officers in Dallas last week at a Black Lives Matter demonstration and the arrests in the past week of hundreds of people in major cities protesting the shooting deaths of two black men by police in Louisiana and Minnesota.
White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the Black Lives Matter protests — as long as they are peaceful — could help bring reforms in police departments.

White House says more Black Lives Matter protests ‘a good thing’ - Washington Times

Is there any doubt that the White House is pushing this along?


Certainly the WH thinks thinks, they had the BLM to the WH for a party after the cops were killed a few weeks ago…


Just more race war baiting.


Why would ANYONE care one iota what anyone from THIS White House has to say about anything??? We know up front that it’ll either be an incitement to violence or an outright lie…or maybe both.


The BLM “movement” equates to nothing more than a bowel movement. It just smells worse.