White House: US can defend against NKorea attack


White House: US can defend against NKorea attack
Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) – The U.S. is fully capable of defending itself against a North Korean ballistic missile attack, the White House said Thursday, after Pyongyang threatened a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the United States.

It is difficult to know how capable U.S. missile defense is, should it be required.

Carney alluded to the development of U.S. system designed to defend against long-range missiles. He said the U.S. is on a “good trajectory” after success in its return to testing of the Ground-Based Interceptor.

Defend against nuclear missiles? With what? All those “Star Wars” programs the Ds for decades have derided, tried to kill and slowed as much as they could? That program for nuclear missiles?!

What a narcissistic, incompetent, hypocrite!!!