White man dragged, beaten begging for mercy


The rioters kick and punch the man; at one point seven men are in a circle around the prone man, pummeling him. The rioters continue to stomp at his head and neck as he is dragged through the parking lot until his pants are ripped from him as another man runs up to attempted to kick the man’s head.

The crowd yells in delight as the cameraman cheerfully shouts, “Oh s***!” and laughs at the victim, who is still attempting to escape.



Just another reason to arm yourselves. I certainly do.


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**Armed Man is Able to Drive Through Charlotte Riot with Gun; Open Carry is Legal **

GUN WATCH: Armed Man is Able to Drive Through Charlotte Riot with Gun; Open Carry is Legal


It’s sad how much damage these these rioters are doing to the lives of innocent, law abiding African-Americans. We are reliving the 1960s except for the fact that the president and the U.S. Justice Department are more on the side of the rioters than they are decent people.

I remember an old girl friend used to be concerned or afraid of Black people when she saw them in hotels and the like, not matter how friendly they were. I grew in southern half of a border state, and I could not grasp why she felt that way. Seeing the way these rioters act shows me the basis for her feelings. Racism cuts both ways when it is fed by fear, and African-Americans need to recognize that. African-Americans have more to lose than White people do when they engage in this kind of behavior.

And where is Obama while all of this is happening? Nowhere to be seen. The Chief Executive Community Organizer has nothing to say to calm the tensions in the country when he was more power toact than anyone else in the nation. Shameful!

Liberals keep talking about Obama’s legacy. This could very well be a big part of it.


Just my thought: The shame is NOT that 7 black guys started beating on a white guy. Bullies & ah*** come in every color that we have. The SHAME is that none of the other black people stepped in to help the white guy. Until that becomes the norm we will always have stuff like this happen.
Thanks Obama for helping on race relations the way you have. Two steps forward & an Obama step backward.


A white person would have done something about that if there were white people dragging a black man if they saw it. Here’s how I know. HOw many times has ABC that quinones guy tried to set up white people so that they can show the whites being hateful and it has failed EVERY. SiNGLE. TIme. Take These looting and rioting events over criminal blacks being shot…blacks go apoplectic…and of course they are opportunists because they use the event for looting and evening scores cause they can get away with shooting someone they hate who is also rioting. This shows a level of brutality and lack of civilization. These people can hardly make it in society. This is why they have to live separate.


**These people can hardly make it in society. This is why they have to live separate. **
You can be poor & black & be a worthwhile person. It just depends on how you were raised & what you were taught. Sadly this mentality started long ago. I think a lot of it comes from welfare mentality & also a lot of it comes from democrats pushing race “shit”. (sorry mods but I can’t think of a better word). Some do rise above it but sadly many don’t. I do know for a FACT that it is possible for some of them to make it & do well. But it takes time & some failures along the way. I’ve seen it first hand.
I grew up middle class but worked over the years with a huge amount of black people & yes even “getto” black people. Some were good, some were bad but the problem is that anytime a mob forms (& it doesn’t matter what color they are) they have the IQ of the stupidest person in the mob. This was one of those times.


Yes…I know that you can be poor and any color and be a worthwhile person. We are all loved in God’s eyes. I am specifically talking about these people who are rioting, looting, hyprocritical, lazy, violent, ignorant, thieves and opportunists.


These are nothing but Terrorists who attack the innocent for their skin color, destroy property for their lust of violence and steal for their greed; war has been declared on the decent and the decent had better figure it out pretty soon.


If you don’t carry your should,make sure your entire family has access to a means of self defense…REMEMBER! When SECONDS counts the Police are only MINUTES away.

And if you carry, make sure its a one shot stop:

Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50 cal AE


My tiny wife couldn’t handle anything much larger than a .380. She has a semi-auto, .22 LR that she CAN use and usually hit what she aims at. I maintain that if you put a hole in someone’s chest, unless they are nuts, they’ll turn and run away.


Or doped up. Also, they’re not always aware that they’ve been shot with a .22. I remember that from an episode of Cops where a guy who’d been shot with a .22 chased after the guy who had shot him for some distance, then dropped dead. Now, if your wife is adept at putting multiple rounds in the target at close range, then it becomes another ballgame…


He was probably on some type of drugs.

In either case, a small gun you’d use, is better than a big gun you leave at home, because you don’t want to tote it around.


And therein lies the problem with the 5.56 round. Ohhh yea, its a powerful round and by all testing its a man stopper, but that same man hopped upon on drugs unless the 5.56 hits an artery or he takes a brain, heart or leg bone they shot they can come at you for a lot longer than what you may think. I saw it it in Vietnam and many cops have seen it also. Get the bad actors stoked up on drugs and it takes a lot to stop them.


First off: I remember a policeman story. He responded to some call & there was a meth head there. He used his taser on the meth head & said…The guy looked at me, looked down at the prongs in his chest, reached up & pulled the prong out & looked me in the face & smiled. He then turned & ran away. The policemen said I don’t know why he ran away from me because when he smiled at me I took off running the other way because he scared the hell out of me.
As for guns. We (our military) was involved in South America once (no idea how to spell it but the country started with a N) where the people we were fighting used drugs before attacking our troops. At that time the military used 38’s. What they found was that in a charge a 38 would not put someone down & we had a lot of people killed because of it. That’s why the 45 is a standard side arm for the military now.
When we talk gunshots we need to forget everything we have ever seen on TV because a huge amount of it is bull. People have lived after having been shot 4, 5, even 6 times. Now sure a well placed shot can kills someone easily BUT that’s well placed. In times of stress unless you have been trained (& drilled into your head over & over) a lot of the time you won’t hit someone center mass, much less kill him with one shot (& you might miss totally even at close range). That’s why a larger caliber bullet is important because hitting them anywhere will generally knock them down. That gives you time to mentally regroup if you have to fire again. Oh & just to point out a couple of more things. There a whole lot of difference between shooting at a gun range or at a person either running at you or shooting at you. Plus a lot of people just freeze when faced with shooting someone.


my finger would be on automatic…pull pull pull pull pull pull click click click.


The Beretta M9 is the standard sidearm. It’s a 9mm, not a .45.

The marine corps still has .45s, but they’re not standard.


**The Beretta M9 is the standard sidearm. It’s a 9mm, not a .45.

The marine corps still has .45s, but they’re not standard.**
Then they will have to learn it again if they use them in war where the enemy is using drugs & comes running out of the bush at you. The switch was made before WWII & in it we had 45’s.


I served two tours in Vietnam and I ALWAYS carried the standard, 1911 .45 in addition to my other weapons–usually an M-1 carbine. I never carried an M-16 and I never even SAW a .38 Special or a 9mm.