‘White Student Union’ Facebook Page Prompts Concern


A Facebook page purporting to represent a “union” of white Harvard students surfaced on the social media platform last week, prompting outrage among students who denounced it as racist and an investigation into its origin from University administrators.
The page, which is not endorsed by Harvard, includes a description claiming that the group was formed to “defend the inherent rights of White Europeans” and links to the website of the American Renaissance—a group listed as a White Nationalist extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Two questions arise: First is this real or another attempt to cause unrest by blacks posing as whites or an organization doing it to create more hate.

Secondly, in recent years we have seen institutions attacked for exclusiveness such as men’s clubs, boy scouts, any any organization with limited membership. We have black organizations but are not allowed white.

But we see organizations like the NAACP, black colleges, and more being allowed.


So many of these racist organizations on college campuses. A white student union will, no doubt, always be perceived as racist, not that many of them ever get going. Meanwhile, worshipers of skin color continue their racist organizations, and few call them on their racist agenda.

The purpose of the Black Student Union is to support the advancement of Black students, promote equality and unity among students on campus, celebrate black heritage and to provide a social atmosphere where students can meet and have open discussion. The Black Student Union is open to all Students.

Black Student Union-The Office of Multicultural Affairs-University of Idaho


Equality my rear end. This group actually advances the interests of one group of students based on the color of their skin and not on the content of their character. So much for the esteemed MLK’s dream.


One day, I hope whites rise as the majority skin color again and begin to finally put up with that BS.


OK I was joking. But this reverse discrimination is still racism.

It’s not funny to use racism against a political opponent. They should know better.


I think it’s right to use a political opponent’s racism against him. McCain and Romney both should have hammered Obama.