‘White supremacists by default’: How ordinary people made Charlottesville possible


‘White supremacists by default’: How ordinary people made Charlottesville possible

By John Blake, CNN
Updated 1:44 AM ET, Thu August 24, 2017

IOW, CNN is avowing and doubling down on Hilliary’s “basket of deplorables” sneering accusation against ~1/4 of US voters.


Until we start pointing out the blatant racism of the Left and how they are the perpetrators of Racist violence and hate throughout this country, things will not change for the better.

The moment Conservatives respond to the ridiculous and unfounded charge that we are Racists is the moment we lend these false accusations credibility, we need to be deaf to their claims and bellow the truth without apology or hesitation.

BLM is a Racist, violent domestic terrorist group.
The Democrat Party is the home of Institutional and Individual Racism.

Both of those statements are self evident and proved every time they open their mouths, those statements are absent from the national narrative because Conservatives are busy denying the lies and whining about the Lefts “hypocrisy”.

Just speak the truth while ignoring the lies and we will drive the narrative instead of responding to it.


Actually, I think a response is necessary. But in the range of, “That’s ridiculous!” or, “Your accusation is racist!” Depending on how the accusation/claim is phrased, of course.

Hannity pointed out something interesting on yesterday’s (IIRC) show. In the Lib/Prog Commentariat and Punditocracy there are people publishing utter nonsense concerning conservatives who don’t really know any. They’re just condemning what they think conservatives are (without considering that their condemnations are founded on ignorance). How many are that way and how many are malicious liars, I don’t know or need to.


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RET I think there a large number of people that associate with BLM or at least its message that are not interested in violent terrorism nor racism. Just like the protestors that were neither racist nor violent in Charlottesville they get lumped in with racist violent people by the MSM.

How could BLM become an acceptable reason to demonstrate in your mind? How can you qualify what you said to not lump millions of non-violent, non-racist people into a single group?


BLM condemns anyone and everyone who says “All Lives Matter”, because they are Racists.

BLM ignores the fact that statistically ALL of the blacks murdered in the United States are murdered by black killers, they ONLY complain about white people and cops who make up essentially NONE of the problem. That means they don’t care about improving life for blacks; just killing whitey.

If there are decent people that want to see improvement in the black community who identify as BLM then why would they not LEAVE?

If I said “you know there are good folks in the KKK who just want to improve the community” would that moderate a single persons opinion about the KKK or anyone who chooses to join them?

I don’t see any benefit to helping the Left excuse there own groups who are openly violent and Racist, especially when the Left is busy deflecting those truths by accusing the innocent of sins that only the Left is embracing in any substantive way.

And I don’t have a problem with using a “broad brush” when it fits or having one used on me when it fits.

We all choose our own opinions and the groups that we think represent our thinking and actions. The highest levels of political power held by the Left are voices that support Racism, violence and the groups that commit these atrocities.

Not one single elected political power player on my side has ever supported White Supremacy groups like the KKK.

When ALL of theirs and NONE of mine are the numbers, I think a broad brush is appropriate.


True, RET. DEMOCRATS have ALWAYS been the racists among us. They supported slavery, formed the basis for, and population of, the KKK, opposed civil rights in BOTH the 19th and 20th Century, segregated us along racial lines–including the military (Woody Wilson), passed ALL of the Jim Crow laws and ENFORCED them, instituted BOTH the “literacy tests” and “poll taxes” to suppress black voters, and fought AGAINST desegregation laws. When they discovered their opposition wasn’t working, they switched to touting themselves as the “protectors” of black Americans and passed the War on Poverty Laws, about which Democrat President LBJ said privately to an aide–who later acknowledged it–“That’ll keep the ni&&ers voting Democrat for the next 100 years!” Handing out goodies and gerrymandering congressional districts and supporting black candidates for a few seats have perpetuated the MYTH that Democrats are “for” minorities. They ARE–as long as minorities keep voting Democrats into office. When they cease supporting Democrat politicians, THAT’S when black Americans will start to see progress economically, politically and socially. Until black Americans REALIZE that “free” pittances from Democrats are designed to keep them on the Democrats’ “plantation,” they’ll continue to be a reliable voting bloc for any racist Democrat that runs for office.


I looked at the official BLM website and documents and don’t see any such statement about All Lives Matter. What I did find was on the contrary.

These two statements from the stood out to me:

The statement “black lives matter” is not an anti-white proposition. Contained within the statement is an unspoken but implied “too,” as in “black lives matter, too,” which suggests that the statement is one of inclusion rather than exclusion.
… Recently the Democratic National Committee endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement. The BLM network swiftly rejected that endorsement.

You’re starting with the premise that BLM is on the same level as the KKK - that’s wrong. The KKK has hundreds of years of history promoting hatred, racism, and violence - unashamedly it is evil and wrong and anyone that is truly good at heart and misled into joining that KKK is a sucker that deserves a good punch in the face to wake them up.

But BLM is nothing like the KKK, so your analogy doesn’t hold.

I agree that the Democrat Party is the home of Institutional and Individual Racism. But the BLM movement is not that institution. You’re wrong on this one.


To me, violence is violence. I don’t like when police stand down for fear of offending this or that group. Whether it’s Antifa, the KKK or neo-Nazis violence or advocacy of use of force is not the way we conduct business in the U.S. Freedom requires freedom and self-restraint. It is no accident that one of the verses of America the Beautiful refers to the virtue of “liberty in law” and “self-control.”


The KKK also denounces violence and terrorism, does that mean we should all pretend that their words should carry more weight than their historical actions?

Black Lives Matter has existed since 2014, the murder, mayhem and general Racist violence has been not only their norm but has dwarfed the instances of similar behavior committed by all of the “white hate groups” COMBINED.

I particularly like their claim that the “too” is implied, there is no such implication inherent in any of their “demands” or actions.

They are a black hate group that commits acts of violence and terrorism, they defend all of their crimes based on their preferred skin tone and condemn all of their enemies based on their skin tone; innocence and guilt are only decided by skin tone in the minds of Racists.

BLM should be and would be classified as a domestic terrorist organization if we had a Judicial System that respected the Rule of Law instead of political positions that are held by Political Party’s that support Public Employee Unions.


Agreed, RET. BLM LOOKS for excuses to riot and loot and has since its inception in Fergusson, MO. Their “motto” SHOULD be, “Black Lives Matter–especially when we want what Whitey has.”


While I am from the SOUTH, people may think I am a WHITE SUPREMACIST…It is worse than that…in my youth I wanted to be a WHITE SUPREME, but Diana Ross thought I looked bad in an evening dress and sequins.
(All you youngsters can “GOOGLE” up the tid-bits if you don’t "get it"
Like my IDOL, Foghorn Leghorn says,"DON’T YOU GET IT,SON? It’s a JOKE,SON,A JOKE!


Pretty common sorts of things with BLM events…


BLM is nothing more than a new Black Panthers Party offshoot. They are terrorists. They may have some supporters that feel they have good intentions. Socialists and Communists always do. That doesn’t make them good people.