Who Am I?

Just to lighten things up and maybe keep us busy during slow times, I’d like to introduce a game I call “Who Am I”

Here’s how it works, I’ll give clues and you tell me who I am. I’ll let you know if I’m a Person, Place, Thing or Event. You can ask for as many clues as you want but one at a time, as I DO have some life and don’t want to spend 3 hours looking up info to answer your questions but you can only make ONE guess, if you guess and you are wrong you can’t guess again although you can help others out by asking more questions for clues. If you guess and are right I will announce it and you will win an all expense trip to Iraq (I’ll give you the recruiters name upon winning)

Ok, So Here we go:

I am a Person

I was born July 1810

Who Am I?

Helen Thomas


Is that your official one guess ?? :wink:

Eleanor Clift

um … you guys are suppose to be asking questions to reveal clues, like am I male or female, where did I live, what was my job, etc :slight_smile:

You guys play nice! :slight_smile:

Were you a major American political figure?

Not really

Did you ever say “There is a sucker born every minute” ?

Why yes, yes I did :wink:

You are Ron Popeil j/k

You are P.T. Barnum

Not bad for a shot in the dark eh :cowboy:

Good!!! Very ood, I am PT Barnum

Now you choose someone, Person place thing or event

The year was 1969

are you a person place thing or event ?

Yes .

That’s your next clue by the way.

[quote=“Zeus, post:14, topic:10222”]
Yes .

That’s your next clue by the way.



Actually a picked a sucky one cause any clue I give will give it away but here goes another.

“The Eagle has landed”

Aha! Apollo - 11? Neil Armstrong. The moon.

Shouldna done that! Now I have to think up one, and I hadn’t intended to play. But I’m not sure if the number was 11? Maybe someone else can correct me on that, and then they can think up another question.

Yes it was Apollo 11. The first manned space landing on the moon.

Now think of a good one to keep us going for a couple days :grin:

It might take me that long to think of one!