Who Am I?

Not hardly!



Do you carry more than one person?


And I was correct on that “made by Lockheed” - I looked it up, and “I” wasn’t.

Are you the Hindenberg?

Nope. Add to clarify, I am somewhat “generic,” that is, there were more than one of me!

Are you multiengine?

Do you have a wing?


2 of 'em.

Do you fly in combat?

Are you known for carrying cargo?

Do you have four engines?




Are you a B-29 Bomber?

Didn’t you read the rules? This is your 4th guess.

but you can only make ONE guess

Are you a B-17 Flying Fortress?

Are you a gorilla?

Do you host a program on A&E?

Does your last name, said backwards, summon deamons?

Are you a guy soaking in a gravy boat?

You got it! Your turn now!


I am a person.

I was born in 1844.

Are you a political figure?

Do you like gravy boats?

[quote=“Crimson_Pride, post:58, topic:10222”]
Are you a political figure?

[quote=“Sarah, post:59, topic:10222”]
Do you like gravy boats?
[/quote]Haven’t a clue, and I doubt that there’s any record one way or the other!