‘Who do we hate? Donald Trump!’


Despicable Leftist teachers in San Fran instruct kids as young as 5 to chant, ‘Who do we hate? Donald Trump!’

The Left have been ridiculed for their absurd positions.
(As they should be)

In response, (as terrorists are inclined to do) they teach their children to parrot the same absurd positions, and claim that you can’t criticize children.

Cowards using children as shields.


This is filthy child abuse.

Twenty or thirty years from now, some of these former kids will wake up and realize they were used to propagate hate in ignorance.

Did you notice the song the kids were singing said “brick by brick, …” We’re building bollard walls. There are no bricks.


I am not sure that these kids will wake up because they are being programmed like the Chinese children were during Mal’s Cultural Revolution.

The seeds were planted during my baby boom generation. The far left used the Vietnam War as the wedge and have now driven the nails home. The cancer as metastasized in the education system and removing it will be very difficult.


Training little brainless, manipulated haters like the Islamists do. Start early.


B-b-but it can’t be; we’re the haters! [/Sarcasm]