Who is your current pick for the Republican Primary?


Who is your current pick for the Republican Primary?


There is no need to argue who/why in this thread. Voting in the poll is all you need to do.


That’s no fun. :tongue:


I would rather live to see former president Trump than former GOP presidential nominee Cruz. I think Cruz will make a fine Attorney General until a Supreme Court slot opens up. For all of his faults, Trump will get things done on immigration, trade, jobs and national security.


You know what would be cool? If every candidate pledged to place every other cadidate in a cabinet position or equally high position if they are elected.

Rand Paul for SecTreas or the Fed.
Carson as Secretary of Health and Human Services.
Huckabee as SecDef maybe.
Cruz as Attorney General.
Trump as Secretary of Commerce.

What else is good?


I was staunchly Trump but i’m a little disappointed in this latest thing where he is smearing Cruz over a carson non issue. SO…right now…Trump and Cruz are running neck and neck.

I WILL NOT vote for a Rubio. EVER.


I’m still holding out for Carson.

The poll could have used an “other” option.


Carson is on the poll. Who would an other be?
Face it, Carson is a gonner. Its Trump, Rubio or Cruz.


“Other” not being on the poll was a separate issue; I knew Carson was on it, and I voted for him. “Other” is whoever one might like to write in if they don’t like any of the available candidates.


I know what “other” means. I’m not a total ignoramus, despite rumors to the contrary. I just thought you had someone in particular in mind who made you mention it.


Nope, no one in particular; just thought it would be a good option to have on GP. Someone could vote for Big Bird if they want to fly the coop; or Miss Piggy if they want more pork…


I wonder who in America would actually make the best president; probably someone who nobody has ever heard of.





The poll results are the opposite of national polls.
We hereby decree the poll null and void.
So let it be written, so let it be done.


I believe you. I think this “experience” shtick is nonsense. It was a handy talking point against Obama, but a misguided one.

All you need to be president is a correct understanding of America, that it is exceptional, that its Capitalist system has created the highest standard of living in the history of man, and that anything not specifically enumerated in the Constitution is none of Washington’s business.

After that, you just need to hire the best people to head up your agencies who are the most skilled and who share that view of America, and you will be the greatest president ever.

Goobenor experience not necessary.



I included all that are currently on the R ticket.
I’m not dealing with would’ve could’ve in this poll. I’m not asking who is anyone’s ideal candidate or what not either. Just if you were voting in the primary right now, as it stands.

I had the option included of Not Voting in the R primary.
None of the states I’ve voted in had a write in for a primary, or I’d have put an “Other” option. If such does exist, I was unaware.


Ours (PA) does, and I used it in both of the last two presidential races.




Alfred E. Neuman



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