Who killed JFK?

This is clearly a fascinating theory as to who really killed JFK. Did the same person kill his brother to? Who was in on it? Was it Lee Harvey Oswald? Or someone else?The JFK Assassination - Conspiracy Theories - TIME

I believe it was the mafia that had JFK whacked. And his brother, too. Robert Kennedy made himself a target when he went after Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters. Hoffa was involved heavily with the mob and he eventually got whacked himself. Of course, all of this is speculation, but it makes the most sense.

Interesting. I did not know that. I don’t understand why McKinley was shot but I found out that Garfield was killed because the man that shot him was disgruntled and wanted a job and wasn’t getting one.

Hmmmm…is it true that history often repeats itself??


“History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme”


Oswald did. The conspiracy theories are bunk.

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No question Oswald pulled the trigger…

Lol I like that. Interesting…

Mark Twain I think said that, or something very similar and I’ve always liked the saying.

Yes you’re right, he did. I like it to

I’ve been convinced from day one that LBJ had a hand in it; he wanted to be president awfully badly, and had he not “fallen” into the job when Kennedy was assassinated, he would never have been elected, and he knew it.

I couldn’t stand him. It’s possible that LBJ and the mob killed JFK together. They would have killed two birds with one stone–eventually whacking RFK, too.

I remember when I suggested that LBJ was involved to my ex’s family (mother and brother) they scoffed at the very idea. And that was not long after it happened. Of course, they were dyed-in-the-wool democrats. My ex was a chameleon - his politics matched whoever else he was talking to.

Interesting! I had the same thoughts re: LBJ after the deed, and because of his character I felt that he had some input, if not the master plan, in the scheme. To this day, I’ve not been convinced otherwise.

Never considered him (LBJ) in reference to RFK, but a distinct possibility.

Agreed. Read Gerald Posner’s book Case Closed.

I was kind-of disappointed when, many years after the fact, a tabloid suggested that LBJ was involved - that kind-of detracts from it. But I believe, that, around the same time, the Russians were also saying he was involved. And I believe that the late Larry Burkett (writer and financial expert) also believed that. In his fiction book, “The Thor Conspiracy,” he (LBJ, although not specifically named) hinted that JFK would eventually out of the presidency, and he would be in.

I think Jim Garrison was on to something, but backed off because he was being threatened. To clarify, that is all conjecture.

It’s obvious that George W. Bush and Cheney were paid by Haliburton to eliminate JFK.

Of course! I should’ve known that!