Who lets 49 people be shot around them?


This is not homosexual bashing…I am just wondering how a nightclub full of people can allow ONE PERSON with TWO WEAPONS shoot 49 others…and not do anything about it.

  • Is it possible the people involved were and are so SELF centered that other’s lives are not worth dying for? (Warning: These are some of the same people that are in the US military and “protecting” you.)
  • Is it possible that people have become so irreligious that they don’t believe in God, an Afterlife, Providence, and so think, with atheists everywhere, that this life is “IT” and once you are outta here,that’s it…so no heroics.
  • Is it possible that many of the “married” people in the nightclub mean something else when they use the word marriage than the " I would be willing to lay down my life for my beloved wife:" kind of marriage?
  • And homosexual “love” should then be called “lust”, then. There is, you remember Christ saying, that there is NO GREATER LOVE THAN THAT A MAN LAY HIS LIFE DOWN FOR HIS FRIENDS. So, speaking honestly, that means there were neither love involved, “men” involved, nor even “friends” worthy of sacrifice.
    And can this bunch face down ISIS or Red China or the Girl Scouts? Remember, a group of over a hundred people is a fair sampling of the thinking and actions of the LGBT Bunch and our nation’s young people in general. The problem is the nation at large…
    And if one more of these poltroons try to make the dead perverts into MARTYRS for their cause, I think I will puke.(pardon my southern feathers getting ruffled) And that especially goes for the news media.
    I think right thinking Republicans need to get good and mad…and united.

And, by the way, what percentage of Chicago shootings do YOU think are “black on black” or criminal on criminal.etc.? And so, when Dems get on the gun control kick, just WHOSE GUNS ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT CONTROLING? Gosh, if you could stop out and out MURDER in the big cities by Dems getting guns out of the hands of punks, why don’t they do it??? How about let’s get the Black Democratic Caucus out there and get to work! They want gun control??? Go control some guns! Hillary can drive the bus!


I don’t wish to sound mean but … Do You really believe that you deserve a response?

I’m talking about your "… how a nightclub full of people can allow ONE PERSON with TWO WEAPONS shoot 49 others…and not do anything about it …"* *question.

I wont bother with the Gay bashing subject as … being afraid for one’s life and being gay have nothing to do with one another!

Heteros have a fear of dying too!


Yet it always seems to be some “hetero” who STOPS mass murderers.


Pappa, I dislike sodomites as much as anyone but I couldn’t honestly make a blanket statement like that.

Up until … not that long ago, the sodomites stayed where they belonged … In the closet.

I imagine, just as I was shocked to discover that there were pro sports (especially football) sodomites … I have to think that there were law enforcement sodomites as well.

As I said … they were “In the closet”.


Can you name a SINGLE sodomite police officer who has stopped a mass attack like the one in Orlando??? Just one will do.