WHO promotes Violence?


Leftists have been trying to trend #MasscreMitch for the last few days, but yeah, not inciting at all. Not to mention going to his house and encouraging people to stab him in the heart.

Via Mediaite: https://www.mediaite.com/uncategorized/cnn-contributor-deletes-tweet-referring-to-mcconnell-as-massacremoscowmitch/ his photo at link. What a sweet face hiding such a black little heart.

CNN contributor and New York Times writer Wajahat Ali tweeted his approval that #MassacreMoscowMitch was trending on Twitter, then deleted the tweet after conservatives condemned it.

The hashtag had been in reference to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocking gun control bills, such as one February which had passed the House which would have instituted universal background checks. Ali said that “right wing trolls” were doing anything to deflect from gun control by pouncing on his tweet.

If the mods/admins don’t mind my suggestion…you need a forum dedicated to reporting on our leftist, violence promoting, traitorous media.


From Ace of Spades

August 06, 2019
Joaquin Castro, Brother of Democrat Candidate and Abortions-for-Men Democrat Candidate Julian Castro, Doxxes Trump Donors

He does this after antifa shows up at Mitch McConnell’s house threatening to stab him in the heart.

And now he unleashes his antifa allies against Republican donors.


This is an abuse of power. Someone like this does not belong in the US house. He is channeling socialist dictators. What is happening to our nation. THEY should be afraid of us. NOT us afraid of them.


O’ Cortez got very upset with a group of college repub guys…or high school I don’t remember giving comfort to a cut out of AOC. She put it on twitter and seemed to suggest that her followers dox the kids. She removed that tweet. She has a habit of doing this. SHe is quite thin skinned and she doesn’t mind using her ‘power’ to retaliate.

Do we really need these types of people in these positions of power. Either we fix this or we prep ourselves for those END times.


We don’t have exactly that, but Liberalism on Display (in RO Relax) is kind of close.


Thanks for your response. our media is waaaaaayyy past liberalism.


People need to face the fact that we now have the equivalent of the Nazi Brown Shirts operating in our communities. The most visible group, Antifa, wears black and commits acts of violence while they cowardly hide behind masks to obscure their identities.

That mob that formed in front of Mitch McConnel’s home was another example. Given their language, they were only a step away from committing acts of violence and vandalism.

The left in this country is not far from duplicating the acts of the late 1960s and early ‘70s when the Weatherman Faction was setting off bombs and robbing Brinks trucks.

Mark my words. If Trump is re-elected, these people will ramp up their acts to levels that will make the ‘60s seem tame. The trouble is, today there are far more of them, and the colleges and universities are recruiting more of them every day.


And Twitter froze McConnel’s accout because he posted video of that mob.


His account has been “unfrozen.”


If I understand it correctly they got a lot of blowback on that little trick.