Who really rules?


Just sharing a simple explanation, in picture form of how our government was supposed to work.

Instead, it has become something else altogether!
(Also shown in picture form)


But it fell apart in the Founder’s Era; even they couldn’t get it to work, so I don’t see how we could.


One thing the extreme Left has proven and given us as a gift is the proof of who really holds the power in the United States, and that is the courageous.

The Left are fearless, they do not fear the Supreme Court or the Federal Government or anyone else; they do what THEY WANT and dare them to try to stop them.

Conservatives do what they are told, if these corrupt entities take away their Rights they “lawyer up” and ask the corrupt entity to “please let them have their Rights back” and when they are told “NO!” they go home crying about the “double standard” as they obey their corrupt masters.

Just say “no” is how the States and the people will regain their Rights, ignoring the corrupt judiciary, bureaucracies and Congressional declarations while peacefully going on with their lives as before is the solution; dare them to try and stop you like the Left does and they will be exposed as the paper tigers they are.

The courageous rule the cowards, it has always been that way and it always will be that way; the solution is to convince the Righteous to be courageous not trying to build something that can defend the cowards from evil men with courage.

Just ignore them and all of their “rules, regulations, requirements and threats”.