Who runs the Senate?

Oh boy…

Yet MORE far left dream scenarios! Won’t happen. The VP “presides” over the Senate as its “President.” THAT much is true, but the VP doesn’t even have a VOTE unless the Senate vote is tied. Wake up and smell the coffee.

I don’t think you acctually read the article based on your response. Where did it say she’ll have a vote?

Pappadave doesn’t need to read any articles or know any facts. Typing in all caps is good enough for him…

With regards to the article, I don’t see it happening, to be honest. Doing something unprecedented simply because it isn’t mentioned in the constitution is the type of scummy tactic Trump would and has done. Biden sinking to the level of Republicans during his administration would undermine his credibility.

While I agree in principle, the fact is McConnell has abused his position and Dems are going to have to step out of their comfort zones.

That said, I agree that the escalation of shenanigan’s played in Congress has lead us here, I’m just not sure how you put the genie back in the bottle. If Dems lead by example when their in power Republicans just laugh it off and do what they want anyway. Merrick Garland will always be the finaest example of that.

Oh PLEASE get off of that crap! Merrick Garland was a foregone conclusion before that moron ever nominated him. Obama was desperate to replace Scalia with a left-wing loon and there was no way a GOP-controlled Senate would ever have allowed him to do that. McConnell would rather have left the choice up to Hillary than to let Obama do that, and at the time Garland was nominated, it was a dead-bang certainty that she’d win the Presidency in the following November. By sheer good luck, she lost. At least it was lucky for the nation if not for her.

I read the article in its entirety. Where did I claim that it says anything about a vote? I was merely pointing out that the “President of the Senate” is mostly powerless–not even being allowed to vote on vital legislation unless there’s a tie. The Senate can meet, pass legislation, and even approve Presidential appointments without the VP even being PRESENT in chambers.

Name one example and you won’t have revealed yourself to be a liar and a hack, just one example :+1:


To you it will be, because you know absolutely nothing of United States history and only what Mark Zuckerberg tells you about today; but for those with a 5th graders knowledge of history the Garland event was nothing new or unusual :rofl:


Oh god. So many. A very incomplete list:

-Massive Nepotism
-Using the White House for the RNC speech
-Using campaign money to pay off a porn star
-We are just starting to learn about funneling 1/2 billion dollars of campaign money into a shell company (no wonder he had to stop running ads near the end of the campaign)
-hatch act violations by employees, under his direction
-pitching one of his resorts for a g-7 summit
-going golfing more than most presidents, at his own resorts, and charging the personnel for their stay (paid for by tax dollars)
-declaring a fake national emergency to divert funding to his wall
-abuse of office, for beans

That list is nowhere near complete

There is not one truthful accusation in that list and not one example of Trump setting a precedent by doing something underhanded due to a Constitutional loophole.

Not one, as I predicted.


Without even having to think. Nepotism. How can you defend that? I’m sure Trump’s children and their spouses would have had senior White House positions under a Cruz or Rubio administration, clearly they’re most qualified for the jobs :roll_eyes:

Or were you simply saying that it’s not unprecedented to blatantly use gross nepotism? If so, I guarantee no other president tried to host the G-7 at their resort.

@Gene is living in the most fragile of glass houses when he goes after Trump for “nepotism.” With Joe Biden’s drug addicted son under investigation for tax evasion and influence peddling, with daddy increasing coming under suspension, one can hardly claim that @Gene‘s new icon is a shining example of truth and clean government.

But I know … @Gene has told us the he doesn’t see a story there that is worth covering. MSNBC and CNN have told him that, and those two news outlets report “all the news that is fit to print.” :rofl:


“Sinking?” “Credibility?”

What do you cite as abuse?


Why should the Democrats care about Merrick Garland or any other Supreme Court nominee? All they need to do is to tear up the constitution and rule by edict. That’s the system of government the Socialist Democrat Party wants.

No vice president has ever “ruled the Senate” as the fascist who wrote the article which @csbrown28 cited claims they can do. If the vice president had that power, the office would be worth more than “a bucket of warm pee” as Franklin Roosevelt’s first vice president, John Nance Garner, famously once said. Every vice president from the very first one, John Adams, have complained that the office has very little power granted to it by the constitution.


True, that has been the tradition, but Trump has shown that tradition doesn’t matter. You exploit every rule you can to get what you want.

Trump opened Pandora’s Box and now you’re going to cry about it, seriously?

I gave an example. Failing to put Garland to a vote.

If you side had given Trump one ounce of cooperation, the results would have been different. Instead, your side was mad as hell because Hillary lost the election you figured was in the bag. That lead to the Russia hoax which didn’t anyone any good. Now you are still yelling “Russia, Russia, Russia!” while the Chinese pose a far greater threat.

This reminds me of this 1783 coin that was made by Annapolis, Maryland silver smith, John Chalmers. He got tired of receiving payments in debased and cut down Spanish coins and decided to make his own. Chalmers was opposed to a strong central government and made a political statement to that effect on one of his coin designs.

The piece shows two birds fighting over a worm while a snake is in the background preparing to devour both of them. The birds represent the states while the snake is a strong central government. People don’t realize that there was strong opposition to the constitution when the founding fathers were trying to get it accepted.

BTW if you happen to find one of these coins in grandma’s old trunk, take good care of it. This one has a dealer wholesale value of $8,000.

Try to remember that the counterintelligence investigation against Trump began in late 2015 based on intelligence gather from seven US allies.

BS. The “counterintelligence investigation” began when some Aussie claimed that a Trump supporter had told him that the Russians had “dirt” on Hillary. That was early in 2016…NOT 2015 before Trump was even a serious candidate in the eyes of the left.